I got the most exciting email yesterday that I honestly never expected to get. I was invited to #rStheCon this Spring! If you’re not familiar with #rStheCon, it’s one of the top blogging conferences of the year and invitations are sent to select influencers in Reward Style. Attending the conference was my goal in 2020 (woah, that’s weird to think about!) and I’m still in shock that I can cross it off my list a year early.

Receiving that invitation, as silly as it sounds, made all the extra hours during the work week and weekends worth it. If attending the conference is one of your big goals, I just wanted to encourage you to keep going! If you told me at the beginning of last year, even after 5.5 years of blogging, that I would be purchasing that ticket today I would have laughed out loud. Last year I attended my first blogging conference and that’s when everything changed for Strawberry Chic. You can read about what I learned from my first blog conference here.  I had to share the big news with you and I can’t wait to learn from industry leaders and connect with other influencers.

UPDATE: See What I Wore at rStheCon 2019 + Confererence Recap here!

* * *

Thank you so much for your support by visiting Strawberry Chic and purchasing through my links. What started as a side hustle to help pay off my student loans is turning into so much more and that wouldn’t be the case if you weren’t following along!

xo Amanda John



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