I’m thrilled to share our first home project in the new house: our mudroom makeover. We moved into this home in February and immediately started updating the mudroom. This room serves as our everyday entry, and we use it multiple times throughout the day. It’s also a space that’s open to the kitchen, breakfast nook, and living room. For these reasons, we were eager to give it an update. Let’s explore how we brightened up our everyday entry and transformed it into a space that’s not just practical, but also a true reflection of our style and personality.


I knew I wanted a bright and inviting space that would instantly uplift our moods upon entering. I also wanted to improve the functionality of this space. The current mudroom bench was completely functional as is, but I prefer drawers over cabinets. Another element that didn’t align with our vision was a bulky barn door that dominated the entryway, making it feel cramped and heavy, while also covering up the light switch. Lastly, the rustic wood trim, while charming in its own way, clashed with the modern aesthetic we wanted to achieve. With all these details that we weren’t quite loving, we set out on a mission to transform our mudroom into a space that better reflects our style, maximizes its functionality, and sheds the elements that weigh it down.

My game plan for the mudroom was to freshen up the paint, update the current bench with new hardware and drawers, and build a small broom closet to make use of the awkward corner space. This closet would serve as a perfect hideaway for our vacuum, brooms, and other daily necessities that we need.

Mudroom After

We are absolutely thrilled with the finished project! As our family grows, I decided to add four brass hooks instead of the original three. I believe that more hooks will always come in handy. One of the most exciting discoveries for this project was finding the perfect woven baskets. It was quite a task to search for the right dimensions, but when I stumbled upon these, I couldn’t help but do a happy dance! Additionally, I repurposed a plaid pillow from our living room to add a touch of coziness. However, my future plan is to replace it with a nice neutral bench cushion for a more cohesive look.

Mudroom Finishes and Details

Cabinet paint: Sherwin Williams Pediment

Wall paint: Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Woven baskets: World Market

Drawer pulls: Alno Millenium in unlaquered brass (3 inch for drawers, 8 inch for doors)

Door knobs: Rejuvenation

Painting: Home Goods

Mudroom Hooks: Rejuvenation in unlawuered brass

Plaid pillow: Target


The project total came to around $4,200, but we still have a few finishing touches left. We need to update the light fixture and add a bench cushion to officially complete the project. I’m currently contemplating whether to add a sconce above the frame, but I’m holding off on that decision to determine if it’s more of a want than a necessity.

The carpentry labor: $2500

The materials (wood, hardware, paint, caulk, etc) was $900

Painter: $800

Renovation Lessons

With home renovations, there are always valuable lessons to be learned. If you refer back to the first “before” photo that shows the wood trim, you can see a drawer to the right of it in the kitchen. When we updated the trim (although there isn’t a photo of this here, you can view it on Instagram in the mudroom highlight), we didn’t anticipate that it would stick out as much as it did, causing the drawer to be blocked from fully opening. Fortunately, the carpenter was able to trim 1/4 inch off that side, allowing the drawer to open fully now. It’s a small adjustment that goes unnoticed unless you specifically look for it!

In general, it’s common for home renovations to cost a bit more than initially anticipated and take longer than expected. However, the end result is typically worth all the minor challenges along the way.

* * *

I hope my mudroom makeover journey inspires you to tackle that space in your home that has been begging for a transformation. For more inspiration, check out this post on affordable room updates for your home. With a little patience, you can turn chaos into calm and create a space that truly reflects your style and meets your needs. Here’s to organized entryways and welcoming homes!



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