Today I wanted to share what I really wanted for Christmas this year. I’m totally guilty of shopping for myself this Christmas, but these are the things I don’t want to buy but would love to receive!

peach pass

Living in ATL all my life I’ve put in my time sitting in traffic. Now that the express lanes are finally finished in my area, this is #1 on my list!

maid service

I’ve mentioned this idea to Tim at least every weekend for the last two months. When I finally get some free time, the last thing I want to do is clean up the house. Since I started my Youtube channel this year in addition to blogging, I have put off the deeper cleaning on the weekends and it’s added stress. I think a maid service once or twice a month would be one of the best gifts I could receive!

spa day

In 2019 I need to figure out more work/life balance. More on that towards the end of the year, but I think adding in a massage and facial will be a top priority as I try and focus on self-care and de-stressing.


This is a random, not necessary gift, but I think these would be helpful to have. Technology hates me and I have the hardest time getting my Bluetooth headphones to connect to my phone or computer when I need to. I hope these are as easy as people say they are!

student loan payment

I know this isn’t something you were expecting, but I’m really motivated to put extra money towards my student loan. I just paid off my second loan last month, and I have two larger loans to go. I’m hoping to pay them off within the next two years. Anything extra towards them is warmly welcomed! I know asking for this is boring, but when you think about how much it will save in interest, in the long run, it’s a super thoughtful gift 😉

Sephora gift card

I mentioned here I’m dealing with skin issues and skincare is my #1 priority right now. There are a few other products from Drunk Elephant I would love to try but they are so expensive. A gift card would definitely help!


* * *

Thank you for reading!

xo Amanda John


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