It’s no secret that there are SO many options when it comes to baby products. As a first-time mom, it can be especially difficult to narrow your search for the best car seat, changing pad, playpen, and all the other products you’ll likely need. If you’re currently narrowing down your search for certain baby items, I’m sharing my most used baby favorites from Walmart.

Walmart has been one of my go-to retailers for all things baby. They have one of the widest selections of products and name brands, and, best of all, at affordable prices. Walmart is currently having their Baby Days event where you can get up to 25 percent off certain products. You can shop the sale now through March 31.

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Most Used Baby Favorites from Walmart

Most Used Baby Favorites from Walmart
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Smart Scale Changing Pad

This Hatch Grow Smart Scale Changing Pad is especially helpful in those first few weeks. You can easily weigh your baby before and after feedings to make sure they’re taking in enough. You can measure in both ounces and grams from the app. It’s also super easy to clean, even with the messiest diaper changes. It’s nice that it doesn’t require a cover to add to the laundry.

Sound Machine

This Hatch Sound Machine is a must. I never have to worry about tip-toeing around the house when this is on during Josie’s naps. It plays a variety of noises, including white noise, to help get your baby to sleep, and most importantly, stay asleep. The light feature is especially helpful during those late-night feedings. All you have to do is turn this light on with a small tap, and you have the perfect dim lighting for diaper changes and feedings.


A bouncer comes in handy multiple times a day. This particular bouncer was developed with pediatricians and has an ergonomic shape that gives the correct support for the baby’s back and head. It’s the perfect, safe place to put your baby in while you shower, cook or other times you need to get something done. You can even fold it down and bring it to friends or family members’ houses.

Baby Gate

This Regalo Extra Wide Baby gate is one of the first purchases you should make when baby-proofing your home. It can expand to fit openings from 29″ to 38.5″ inches. This can help block off the stairs or certain rooms of the house to keep your baby safe. It’s at a great price point of $45!


Another great way to keep your baby safe is with this playpen. It comes in multiple sizes and love the neutral wood frame to blend in with your home decor. The entry door has a child-proof locking system and can be used inside or outside.

Wall Nanny

To go along with the baby gate, you might consider this handy Wall Nanny too. This helps protect the integrity of your walls with pressure-mounted baby gates. Plus they don’t require any tools or accessories.

Baby Cups

As you transition from the bottle or nursing, these baby cups make the perfect trainer cup for your toddler. They have a 360-degree drinkable rim that is easy to clean because there are no extra spouts, straws, or pieces.

Baby Wipes

Not all wipes are created equal. These Honest wipes are gentle and made with 99% water. So there are no extra additives to irritate your baby or toddler. They’re extra large and thick too which makes one go a lot further than your typical wipe.

Toddler Table

This toddler table might not go on your registry. But it makes a great gift for a 1-year-old up to a 3-year-old! From crafting to eating snacks, this is a great table to do all things messy on instead of your countertop. 😉

Up and Up Roller Coaster

Josie has been having the time of her life on this roller coaster. You can easily set it up inside or outside and keeps your toddler entertained. It has over 10 feet of tracks and is perfect for kids aged 2 to 5 years old.

Rotating Car Seat

I recently bought this rotating car seat on the recommendation of you all. The vast majority of you recommended this, and it’s currently on sale for $299. This is designed to make buckling easier on you because the seat can rotate to face you while you load them and buckle them into their seat. Then you just rotate it forwards or backward. You can also transition it into a booster seat.

Baby Trend Stroller Wagon

This Baby Trend Stroller Wagon is on my list to purchase. This is ideal if you’re headed out somewhere where you’ll be walking and need extra cargo space.

Those are some of our most used baby products that we’ve used over the last 20 months. Be sure to check out the YouTube video above for even more products we love.

What’s one of your most used baby favorites? Let me know in the comments below!



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