I always have the hardest time painting my own nails the perfect nude-pink color, it always looks streaky and either too sheer or too opaque. I prefer to get a gel manicure when I can, but I don’t like the breakdown it causes on my nails, as well as the price! I finally found the solution to get that gel like manicure (ya’ll know = bubbly/ hardened/ extra shiny) at home, so I thought I would share my tips!

To achieve the look, I found that layering between the top coat and color works best. I use the Sephora Formula X clear coat (which is a “gel” formula without the light.. shop for it HERE). I haven’t tried this technique with a regular clear coat, so I can’t say how that works. Anyways, here’s what I do…

Typical @ Home manicure stuff:

  1. Wash hands in warm water to help soften the cuticles
  2. Even, smooth, buff, shine nails. You can find these in almost any nail section of a drugstore
  3. Push back cuticles
  4. Remove excess with a nail trimmer
  5. Apply cuticle cream. I use this one and I’m pretty sure it will last my lifetime 
  6. Sometimes I apply a hand cream before, and in that case you want to use Acetone remover on your nails to remove any oils and have longer lasting results. 

Now here is where the magic happens: I found waiting a minute before each coat gives better results.

  1. Two coats of Essie Ballet Slippers (any color works!)
  2. One top coat of Sephora Formula X (I’d suggest a gel type top coat- not one requiring a light)
  3. One coat Essie Ballet Slippers
  4. One Sephora Formula X top coat

P.S: The photo above was taken two days after I painted them. If you’re wondering, the bow ring can be found here (mine is in rose gold)

This is an up close and personal view of a freshly painted look from last night, this time with a Formula X for Sephora polish in the color Wondrous.

xo Amanda

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