It’s time to put your daydream into action and build a profitable influencer business. If you’re ready to monetize your content, earn a passive income, and finally live the life you’ve been dreaming of.. you’re going to want to keep scrolling.

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Do you see other people online growing and scaling their influencer business wondering, what are they doing that I’m not? Or maybe you’ve been at this a while but just aren’t seeing the results that you want, AKA money in the bank. You’re in the right place! SCROLL ON IF YOU FEEL ME.


Welcome to the Profitable Influencer!

TPI is a program designed to help people like you grow their online income through social media and sharing what you already love. Are you ready to set your own schedule, work from home with your family, and start working for your own bank account instead of someone else’s? Because… same! Here’s the thing. I have been exactly where you are now. I had a massive amount of student loan debt working a salaried job that I thought was my dream, only to find out it wasn’t the life I pictured.

Now, I get to spend my days doing what I love at home with my family, and if I can do this, so can you. NO you don’t need 100K to be successful. NO you don’t need any previous experience, No you don’t have to have it all figured out before getting started. You just need the desire to make a change in your life.

Ready to make those daydreams a reality?

Hey Friend, Are You Feeling…


    You're feeling overwhelmed by all the things to do while trying to balance your job and family life. You know the importance of being consistent and having it all together, but you aren't sure where to focus your time.

  • 2. STUCK

    You’re creating great content, or maybe you have grown a following, but you aren’t sure how to take it to the next level. You know others are making money and growing their business, but HOW??

  • 3. UNSURE

    You question if this industry is too oversaturated. You look at others and think they must have something special that you don’t have, or feel like this roadmap is for everyone BUT you.


I used to spend 40 hours of my week doing a job that didn’t exactly light me up. But I’m living proof that if you work hard and focus on the right things, you can build your dream influencer business while working a full-time job.


I’m an influencer, a first-time mom, and now, an educator! I saw other women making a full-time income from the influencer space and I thought to myself.. I’ve been doing this for fun for years… Can I really do this as a job AND make legit money from it?? That would be a dream! I quit my wholesome job as a Physical Therapist and have been working full-time as an influencer since 2019. I was working full-time while building my dream business and paid off $60K in student loans, all from my side-hustle income! I know a lot of people focus on the numbers and think you have to have a huge following to be successful, but I’m living proof you don’t need 100K on Instagram to have a profitable business. In fact, I earned a full-time income with less than 25K.

I’ve worked with Nordstrom, Target, LOFT, Walmart, Express, SPANX, Tory Burch, Hill House, Kendra Scott, and more, and inside The Profitable Influencer, I’m showing you how.

Not sure if you can? They did, and so can you.

Right now you have two options:


Keep posting with no strategy + support and hope for the best.


Skip the trial and error and start implementing a proven TPI strategy today.

Introducing The Profitable Influencer!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside TPI

There are 7 modules jam-packed with everything you need to know on how to grow, scale and monetize your business. This isn’t just a course that will just tell you to “be consistent” - it’s my proven step-by-step business strategy.

1. Prepwork

Creating your dream influencer business starts with your mindset. Determining your WHY and pushing through mental blocks that may be holding you back. It wasn’t until I made the mindset shift to really go all in, stop pretending this was a hobby and start acting like this is the business that it is today!

2. Build a Foundation

We are going to be getting super clear as to what your brand is, who you serve and what the purpose of your business is. In this module we will cover picking your niche, branding, how to stand out among the crowd, your elevator pitch and who your target audience is and why all of that even matters.

3. Create Content that Converts

Wondering how to create content that converts, stay organized, plan ahead and make your content work for you? Then this module is just for you! We are talking about all things strategy, batching content to work smarter, not harder, and we’ll even dig into using Canva for your business!

4. Master Social Media

This is going to be a BIG one friends. We are digging into how to grow your social media platform followings, no matter what your niche or platform of choice is! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, and Email Marketing are all covered in this module. Sorry Twitter-you aren’t really our thing.

5. How to Make Money

This is probably my favorite module of them all. In this lesson, we are digging into the art of selling. You will learn how to understand analytics, how to establish yourself as an authority figure, and build like, know, and trust so that you can sell organically and speak directly to your ideal audience!

6. How to Work with Brands

You’ll learn how to build your media kit, find brand contacts, build relationships, pitch brands, and even turn gifted collaborations into paid ones! We are even going to dig into how to set your rates, negotiate, and what contracts to have in place to protect yourself and your business. I’m also sharing my secrets on how to be a dream partner so brands keep coming back.

7. Putting It All Together

Now that we’ve touched on well, all the things. It’s time to put it all together. I am going to go over where to focus your time, how to balance your influencer business while working full time, and what money-driving tasks you should be doing every day!

How It Works

Not only will you be given a step-by-step roadmap to success, but you’ll have a community to support you.


Once you’ve enrolled in the course you will receive a link to instantly get started along with an invite to the private Facebook group with over 100 other women for support.


Each week a new module will drop and you’ll want to take notes (don’t worry, we have worksheets for you!)


It’s time to implement the proven TPI strategy and monetize your content

See What’s Inside TPI

The course consists of recorded slides with accompanying worksheets you can print off and work through at your own pace. You can also revisit them anytime you’d like a refresh of the material.


01 Replace your 9-5 income and make more while working on your own terms.
02 Stop spinning your wheels trying to grow and getting nowhere.
03 Create a loyal community who engage with your content regularly.
04 Work with your dream brands you didn’t think would notice you.
05 Kick that imposter syndrome and self-doubt in the booty and feel confident with your Influencer business.
06 Build your dream life doing what you love and making money while you sleep.

TPI Students

Hundreds of driven individuals have already completed this program, and their achievements speak for themselves.


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The exact pitch templates that I use to land paid brand partnerships (value $1500).

Are you ready for your bank account to be larger than your follower count?

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Let’s Do this!

Who is this course for?


You’re an aspiring influencer who wants to get started on the right foot
You’re an established influencer who wants to increase their revenue
You’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to share her #momhacks and grow a community
You’re someone who wants to earn a second income to pay off debt or enjoy guilt-free shopping
You’re tired of your 9-5 and want to build something with the freedom of being your own boss

Who is this course for?

But it’s not for everyone. TPI isn’t for you if..

You’re comfortable with where you are and aren’t willing to learn and adapt
You want instant satisfaction or aren’t willing to put any effort in

The Hype is Real

"If you're serious about your business, the first step you should take is to invest in it. Not only is TPI packed with insight and knowledge of the influencer world, but it's a great place to get connected with other creators and build community. It serves as an encouraging, wise, accountability partner!"


“TPI was really targeted to learning specific strategies on how to increase your income, and make the most of your time. In my personal opinion, these are the things that other courses tend to avoid talking about, labeling them as “trade secrets” or something. Amanda isn’t afraid to share the step by step methods to increase your income.”


“If you are serious about turning blogging into a job from a hobby or make more money than what you are making now - her class is definitely a good investment and it does pay off!”


“If you have ever taken a training course and felt like the person teaching it was still holding on to the really valuable stuff, you will NOT find that here. Take the leap, do the work, and watch your business grow!”

"When I started the course in 2020, I had less than 500 followers on Instagram and I wasn't even on LTK yet. Now, 3 years later, I'm a full-time blogger with over 100k followers on Instagram and have tripled my income."


“I had reached out to some of my other favorite bloggers and they told me to ‘google it’. Amanda was the only one that actually responded and with value.”


“I’m so excited to be mentored by one of my favorites!”


"For me, time management and goal setting were 2 big things that set me up for success with my business. It might seem like common sense, but when juggling a full-time job while also treating my blog like a full-time job, those 2 things helped a lot."

I don’t want you looking back a year from now wondering what could have been if you got started today

Let’s address those thoughts in your head…

“The industry is already oversaturated, I’ll never make it now”

Stop self-doubting the value YOU bring to the table. There are thousands of successful influencers out there, not just one! There is plenty of room for you to succeed in this industry. Everyone brings something different to the table just simply by being themselves. You don’t have to have some special ticket at the door in order to make your influencer business a success!

"I don’t have the time or resources to make this successful”

I felt the exact same way in the beginning and was scared I would waste my time getting no where… but listen, we all have 24 hours in the day. It’s how we prioritize our time to make it work. I’ll be teaching you how inside TPI!

“Wait, what? Being an influencer isn’t a real job that makes money”

I don’t mean to raise my voice, but man is this SO FAR from the truth. Even in today’s COVID world with business closing down, the influencer industry has continued to grow in 2020. Spending on influencer marketing is expected to grow to $6.1 billion in 2023 and $7.1 billion in 2024. I don’t know about you but BILLIONS seems like there’s enough to go around. Don’t you want a piece of that pie??

“I see similar accounts growing fast and I think - why not me?”

I’m not going to lie, it’s easy to let comparison defeat you in this industry. But I’m going to show you how to overcome this- and be better off in the end.


"Since completing TPI, my sales have increased by over 250% since this same time last year. Amanda really teaches you how to be effective and strategic! My other win was effectively planning my time well, so I could create content that will be meaningful and provide value to my audience and my business."



We’ve got A’s for your Q’s

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course, along with any updates we make to TPI along the way.

Is this course for me?

Are you wanting a step by step guide on how to grow and monetize social media? Then yes, TPI is for you! But if you have any doubts, send me an email or DM and we can talk through it together.

Does it matter if I’m new to the influencer space?

This course is perfect for beginners looking to get a step ahead without wasting time with endless trial and error. There are some lessons that may not apply to you immediately, but will be helpful as you get going in your business!

I work all day and take care of kids at night. I’m not sure I have the time to keep up! Can I go through it at my own pace?

You can click start whenever you're ready and can go at your own pace. I started my business while working full-time, so I completely understand! I also share some tips on how to overcome time management issues inside the course :)

When can I get started?

As soon as you checkout, you'll receive full access to the course :)

Are you confident I'll actually see results?

If you are motivated to put in the work, I have no doubts TPI will work for you! Many of our students have transitioned to be a full-time influencer.

What can I expect as far as communication + support?

You will gain access to the TPI Student Facebook group and are free to ask questions and network inside for support. This course is self-paced and has all the information you should need, but If you have any issues or questions, you can send the team an email. I am currently not doing individual coaching at this time. Occasionally the opportunity will arise for TPI Students seeking more personalized guidance to level up their business goals. You will receive an email when those time slots become available.

You’re only one click away from learning everything you need to know about being a successful content creator.

Ready to join The Profitable Influencer Community?

To sum it all up, here is what you’re getting when you enroll today

The Profitable Influencer $2,000 value
Access to the Profitable Influencer Community $1,500
Pitch Templates to Help You Land Paid Brand Deals $1,500 value
Contract Template You Can Use When Working With Brands $1,500 value
Total value: $6,500

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