Accessories can elevate any basic outfit. They make a look come together and create the perfect finishing touch. I enjoy wearing all types of accessories from hats to scarfs, but jewelry makes the best kind of accessories. Though I think there’s a science behind wearing accessories, so today I’m sharing how to accessorize with jewelry and make the most out of your jewelry collection.

How to Accessorize with Jewelry

I don’t think anyone has to have a large collection of fine jewelry to have a unique, stylish jewelry collection. There are many brands that offer beautiful pieces for a reasonable amount of money that can elevate any look from casual to dressy. Below are a few tips on how to best accessorize with jewelry.

how to accessorize with jewelry

Start Simple

If your current jewelry collection is minimal, that’s OK! I would encourage you to start small and with the basics and then build out from there. Here are a few basic jewelry essentials every collection should have:

Stud earrings are perfect to wear on an everyday basis that work well with both casual, weekend outfits and workwear attire. A dainty necklace is one that is minimal in design, but adds a bit of elegance and sophistication to any look. A bracelet is nice to have to wear with a watch or by itself. As your jewelry collection grows, you can stack you favorite bracelets to make your own unique stack.

Finally, a statement earring is nice to have on hand to wear with more formal looks to wear to weddings, holiday parties, baby showers and date nights.

Choose Metals That Compliment Your Skin Tone

Recently, I blogged about finding your best colors to wear, and that also applies to jewelry. For those with cool skin tones, silver is going to make your skin tone pop the most. If you’re more of a warm skin tone, then gold is going to compliment your skin tone the best. To identify what your skin tone is, be sure to read THIS POST.

Matching Your Jewelry with the Dress Code

Just like with clothes, some jewelry is meant for everyday wear, while other pieces are meant for more formal occasions. Understated pieces like stud earrings, non-embellished pieces and simple necklaces are all great examples of jewelry that you can wear with casual looks.

However, pieces that are big, bold and embellished are more suited for those dressier occasions. For example, large earrings with crystals would be perfect to wear to a wedding.

Layer Jewelry

Layering jewelry is an on-trend way to wear a variety of pieces from bracelets to necklaces and rings. There are many necklaces that are sold as a double or even triple-strand necklace. While other layered looks can come from individual necklaces.

Another great way to layer jewelry is with bracelets. You can mix and match colors, sizes and shapes to create your own unique bracelet stack. If you enjoy wearing a watch, you can also stack the bracelets on the same wrist you wear your watch for an elevated look.

kendra scott jewelry box

Choose a Focal Point

Sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t always best. For example, if you’re wearing a large statement earring and a large statement necklace, that might look a little overdone. So if you’re choosing to wear a statement piece, pick a focal point. Are you wearing a strapless dress? That might be a good opportunity to wear a beautiful necklace to showcase.

The goal is to create balance, and your jewelry pieces shouldn’t take away from one another. If you’re wearing large earrings, do away with wearing a necklace. If you’re wearing a large necklace, then you could wear simple stud earrings.

Keep Trendy Jewelry to a Minimum

It’s fun to keep up with the trends and wear trendy pieces. But I wouldn’t invest a lot of money into trendy jewelry. Your jewelry collection should be made up of mostly classic pieces that won’t go out of style anytime soon. That way, you can get a good price-per-wear out of them.

Buy Fine Jewelry Strategically

I mentioned this before, but don’t have a huge collection of fine jewelry. When I do decide to invest in a nice piece of jewelry, I want to make sure it’s something I can wear often and with a variety of looks. That way, it just doesn’t collect dust in my jewelry box.

Best Jewelry Accessories

Annie Gold Infinity Pendant Necklace by Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is one of my favorite jewelry brands because of their wide selection of jewelry styles. Many of their pieces are under $100, making them a great affordable jewelry brand option.

This Annie Gold Infinity Pendant Necklace by Kendra Scott is a dainty necklace option to wear every day. This particular necklace also comes in silver with a 16 inch chain and 3 inch extender.

Elle Gold Drop Earrings by Kendra Scott
kendra scott statement earring, how to accessorize with jewelry

The Elle Gold Drop Earrings are a beautiful pair of statement earrings. They come in several different colors, and are perfect to wear to more of a formal event. These earrings make a great gift idea for brides to gift to their bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day too.

Kendra Scott also carries a variety of fine jewelry that features sterling silver, diamonds, 14K gold and many other fine jewelry finishes. You can find the entire selection HERE.

Mallory Gold Ring Set by Kendra Scott
mallory gold ring set by kendra scott

Next in this roundup of the best jewelry accessories are these gold rings that come in a set. They’re beautiful to stack together or wear separately to add a touch of elegance to your look. They also come in a silver setting, if you prefer that color.

Grayson Cuff Bracelet by Kendra Scott
grayson bracelet by kendra scott, how to accessorize with jewelry

This cuff bracelet features white crystals set in the signature Kendra Scott icon. It also comes in a rose gold, and you can mix and match with other bracelets.

Vanessa Gold Double Strand Necklace by Kendra Scott
vanessa gold double strand necklace by kendra scott

This double strand necklace is an on-trend piece to pair with a simple outfit. It comes in three other metals, and also has matching earrings to complete the look.

Signature Name Ring by Abbott Lyon
signature name ring by abbott lyon, how to accessorize with jewelry

This signature name ring is a dainty piece of jewelry that looks good with any outfit. You can customize it with your first name, last name or engrave your child’s name on it. It also makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings by Abbott Lyon
pearl huggie earrings

This pair of pearl and gold huggie earrings are a great option for everyday wear. They’re the perfect size and aren’t too heavy, but big enough to pop. I like wearing jewelry that’s timeless, so I can get a lot of wear out of it. This is a great example of something that won’t go out of style, and pairs well with a variety of outfits.

Knot Bangle by Abbott Lyon
knot bangle by abbott lyon, how to accessorize with jewelry

This knot bangle by Abbott Lyon is made of luxury silver and 18K rose gold plated brass. I love the mixture of these different metals. It’s water, sweat and heat-resistant, and I like to wear bracelets like this one because they’re more forgiving for everyday wear.

Signature Name Necklace by Abbott Lyon
signature name necklace by abbott lyon

To go along with the signature ring, Abbott Lyon also offers a name necklace if you prefer them over a ring. This comes in two other metal finishes. You can get the chain in a variety of lengths: 14-16 inches, 16-18 inches and 18-20 inches. If you have two or three children, you can get each of their names in a different necklace length and layer them together.

Mini Heart Birthstone Stud Earrings by Abbott Lyon
heart stud earrings

These heart stud earrings come in all the different birthstones. They make a great gift idea, and can easily be worn as an everyday earring.

Bespoke Parker Mini Layering Necklace Set by Gorjana
mini layering necklace, how to accessorize with jewelry

This gold layering necklace by Gorjana features a dog tag that can be personalized. Engrave initials, your name or a favorite word to keep as a keepsake. This makes a great everyday necklace to wear with casual outfits.

Jocelyn Pavé Heart Hoop Earrings by BaubleBar
hoop heart earrings by baublebar

BaubleBar is known for their statement pieces. These crystal embellished heart hoop earrings would compliment any formal outfit you wear. The heart design is a little unexpected when it comes to more formal earrings, and think that’s what I love about them most.

Freshwater Pearl Wrap Bracelet by Victoria Emerson
pearl wrap bracelet by victoria emerson, how to accessorize with jewelry

This freshwater pearl wrap bracelet is made of ivory leather, so it feels a bit more casual. Yet looks elegant because of the crisp white pearls. This is a handmade bracelet and super comfortable from the soft leather and has a clasp at the end to keep it secure. If you’re an avid smartwatch wearer, they have some beautiful smartwatch straps to give your watch a personalized look.

Bryn Gold and Pearl Earrings by Lisi Lerch
gold and pearl statement earrings by lisi lerch

These gold and pearl drop earrings by Lisi Lerch are an elegant statement earring that will turn heads. You can purchase these as a post earring or a clip-on. Lisi Lerch has a variety of earrings from acrylic, hoop, beaded, fabric, raffia and stud earrings. So no matter what you love, Lisi Lerch probably has just the earrings you’re searching for.

Georgia Gold Beaded Bracelet by Lisi Lerch
gold bead bracelet by lisi lerch, how to accessorize with jewelry

This gold beaded bracelet comes in four different sized bead options. So they’re perfect for stacking with other bracelets or a watch.

CC Chain Link Earrings by Chanel
chanel chain earrings

I couldn’t write a jewelry post and not include a pair of Chanel earrings. Chanel is a brand that only continues to go up in value, and love the unique designs of their jewelry. This pair features a chain link design, and would look fabulous with a casual look to a date night outfit.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry you accessorize with often? Let me know below!


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