I hosted my first bridal shower over the weekend and I had so much fun putting everything together! The bride requested blush and gold, a combination that I can get pretty passionate about. For decor inspiration, I looked through Pinterest and jotted down little DIY’s I thought I could handle. I shared how to make the LOVE sign in this DIY Hula Hoop Love Sign blog post earlier this week (with video!). All of the item details are linked at the end of the post along with a vlog putting the celebration together. You can also check out my bridal shower for more inspiration!

Bridal Shower Decor

For decor, I used everything I could think of already in my home to save money on decorations. With a blush, pink, and gold theme… I didn’t really have to look around very hard, lol. A few weeks before the shower I started to get out everything I thought I could use and kept it on our dining table to see what I needed to buy in the end. I pulled out the chargers from our sweetheart table at our wedding, put all of my vases together, and created a running list of items and tasks in my planner. I thought this was very helpful to avoid forgetting to use something.

bridal shower sign, chalkboard sign, bridal shower chalkboard sign, bridal shower welcome sign

My handwriting OCD almost got the best of me with my first try at a chalkboard sign, but I tried to just let it go because I knew I couldn’t spend all day on it. As a little tip, I had more success writing with a side of fresh chalk verse staying on the same side for too long. I sat the sign on one of our nightstands (again, think about what you already have!) and placed this adorable garden pale flower arrangement on a gift box. I didn’t intend on using this for the shower, but I got a little too excited with all the Kroger sale roses that I purchased a little more than I had vases for.

I purchased a set of roses and silver dollar eucalyptus from Reeves in Woodstock, but I decided to see what roses Kroger had to save some money. I found 3 dozen roses for under $20 in the sale bin! I put together a few arrangements to scatter throughout the shower. The bride loves roses and I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to place them throughout our home!

bridal shower decor

I was brave and used my wedding veil to drape our entry table instead of buying tulle or fabric. This is where I placed the bridal shower game for guests to grab when they came in. I’m not a huge fan of shower games, so this game was a happy middle ground that I found in Lauren Conrad Celebrate book. I used extra cupcake toppers and the same gift wrap cord to create necklaces for guests to wear. If guests were caught saying the words “bride”, “wedding” or “groom” they would have to give up their necklace. The guest with the most at the end of the shower wins a prize. I also had another station for guests to fill out prompted advice for the bride as well as date night ideas. 

I draped a pearl necklace and pretty ribbon over the chair for the bride-to-be to sit and open gifts. You may recognize this chair from my IG stories when I shared how I re-covered it with hot glue! It’s saved on my HOME IG highlight if you missed it.

Bridal Shower Food Table

bridal-shower-food-table, bridal shower food ideas

I purchased tablecloths from Amazon prime. The sequins cloth was so tiny compared to what I expected, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have paid the price for the larger size I needed! It worked bubbled up on the top of the ivory tablecloth to dress up the table. For height, I placed a small box under the tablecloth and put a cake stand in the center. For food, we served chicken salad sandwiches, caprese skewers, pasta salad, cheese and crackers with spinach dip, and a fruit salad. I decided the night before to make a Funfetti dip and called them “adult dunkaroos” and served them with animal crackers and strawberries.


Dunkaroos – Funfetti Dip


I box Pilsberry Funfetti Cake Mix

3 cups of Cool Whip

1.5 cups Vanilla Yogurt 

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Sprinkles (I used pink sprinkles)

Directions: Mix it all together and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Serve with animal crackers, nilla wafers, pretzels, and/or fruits!

Bridal Shower Dessert Tablebridal shower cookies, bridal shower desserts, bridal shower decor

For dessert, we served Honeymoon Bakery cupcakes and had custom cookies designed from Cookie Galleria in Acworth. Everyone commented on the custom cookies and it’s a small detail that makes a huge statement for your party! I had a few coworkers recommended them to me and I can’t say enough good things about Cookie Galleria. I called her on Monday evening and she had them ready to go Saturday morning before the shower!

I found the blush and gold disposable silverware on Amazon and placed them in a gold makeup brush holder I found at TJ Maxx. Always think outside the box when it comes to using things you already have and use them in new and unique ways! I also used gift boxes from Sugar Paper for Target to add height to the table and used them throughout the decor to give it a cohesive feel.

blushing bride pink lemonade strawberry chic

Blushing Bride Lemonade with Sugared Rim


2 packets Crystal Light Lemonade

1 packet Crystal Light Pink Lemonade

1 squeezed lemon

54 oz pitcher of water

Directions: Mix ingredients together. Add 3-4 lemon slices to the pitcher. To make the sugared rim, I dipped wine glasses into the excess lemon juice from slicing them and dipped the glasses in a mixture of sugar + 1 drop of pink food coloring. You can also use red dye if that’s what you already have. I used a fork to mix it and added extra sugar to make it a lighter pink.

Bridal Shower Bar Cart

bridal-shower-mimiosa-bar, bridal-shower,bar-cartNo celebration is complete without a little bubbly! I served guava, passion fruit, and orange juice with raspberries and prosecco in these gold dot champagne flutes from my wedding day. Guava was definitely the group favorite! To be honest, I ran out of time to finish decorating the bar cart, but it still turned out cute!

Bridal Shower Photobooth


I used another nightstand to place the photo booth props on. For the photo booth backdrop, I ordered a pack of these garlands and draped them over my curtain rod. I placed a few signs throughout the shower with their wedding hashtag and made them all on Canva and printed them out at home.

I put together a little vlog + sped-up version of the whole process from the shower.



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