UPDATE 2/14/2020: I currently wear the Barefoot Blonde Hair Fill-In extensions after removing my beaded row extensions :)

UPDATE 6/20/2019: I no longer wear these hair extensions. I currently wear beaded row extensions because I wanted to have hair extensions for daily use and the wire will hurt my head after about 4 hours. I also didn’t want to bother putting them in every day, especially during the work week. Hidden Crown also stole my images from my blog to use on their website to sell their product without asking (which is illegal), and falsely advertised the wrong product and colors by using photos I wasn’t wearing their extensions in.  I can no longer recommend them, but here are my honest thoughts on the Hidden Crown hair extensions (company morals aside).

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I’ve worn halo type hair extensions for a few years now and I thought it was finally time to share all the details about them! Most of the time, my peers have no idea I’m wearing extensions unless I tell them… which I always do if they complement my hair! People typically always ask more about them and they’re always shocked by the halo type extension concept. So today, I’m sharing all the details about my Hidden Crown hair extensions.

Halo style hair extensions are a temporary extension secured on your head by a wire and the weight of your hair…no clips, tape, bonds, glue, etc! I think they are the least damaging extensions you can wear. To see how to put them on, watch the video below. Skip to minute 10:20 if that’s all you want to see.

Hidden Crown Extension Pros:

  • Quick to put in and remove: I think it takes me less than 30 seconds to apply the extensions and 3 seconds to take them out.
  • Easier to blend and hide: You don’t have to worry about where to clip extensions in all over your head to have them look natural.
  • Hold style: If your hair never holds a curl or style, then try extensions to give you the look you want.
  • Quality: The hair is soft and thick all the way to the tips and they’re smoother than other extensions I’ve used.
  • Hidden Crown has a lot of helpful videos on their channel to help you figure everything out everything you need to know about your hair extensions. I watched so many videos before ordering mine and I thought it was so helpful.

Hidden Crown Extension Cons

  • I notice I will get an indention in my head after 3-4 hours of wear from the weight of the string on my head. I will sometimes move the band forward or backward to a new spot on my head if it’s bothering me. I notice it less when I pull less hair up and over the string, so keep that in mind when you apply it. The longer and thicker your extensions are, I would assume the quicker you may notice this. It’s been years since I’ve worn clip in hair extensions, but I remember they would get uncomfortable clipped to my, too. I usually only wear it for about 4-5 hours at a time before I’m ready to take it off.
  • Not ideal for up-dos and pony-tails  . They have a separate extension for that but I haven’t tried any myself. The halo extension isn’t great if you’re planning to wear them with your hair up a lot. You can do half-up half-down looks with them. You can see a picture of my hair like this in a wedding on my Instagram, here! Give me a follow me while you’re over there and say hi! :)

Before and After Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Here is a look at my hair without extensions. I mostly wear extensions for volume, which you can see I’m lacking naturally, lol. Also, I just want to point out that my hair color changes based on the lighting, so that’s why my hair looks different in each photo. My hair also doesn’t hold curl very well, another reason I wanted extensions. More on all that a little later…


Hidden Crown Signature verse Daydream Extensions

16 inch Hidden Crown Signature Hair Extension

I’m wearing the Hidden Crown 16-inch signature extension in color 1224 (c/o). The Hidden Crown signature hair extensions are thicker at the ends compared the Daydream because they are double drawn and have more grams of hair. When looking at grams of hair extension, just know the more grams, the more hair you’re getting. This is reflected in the price of the extensions where the more grams you have the more expensive they will be. These are the extensions I wear most often because I love the thickness of them and the length isn’t unnatural. There are more length options offered with the standard extensions: 12 inches (120 grams), 16 inches, and 20 inches (both 140 grams).


18 inch Hidden Crown Daydream Hair Extension

The Hidden Crown Daydream extensions have tapered ends, aka they are thinner. They offer two lengths: 12 inches (100 grams) and 18 inches (110 grams). Note the grams are less than the signature extensions, but that makes it more affordable.  Here, I’m wearing the 18-inch Hidden Crown Daydream extensions in the color 27-613 (c/o). I typically wear this extension for braided hairstyles or I wear it under the 16 inch if I’m really wanting big hair, which is not very often but it is an option! You can see how it looks braided in this fishtail braid tutorial. I plan on cutting this eventually to my hair length so I can wear it daily. The color isn’t the best match for me because it’s more of a highlighted strawberry blonde but it would look more natural at a shorter length. You can see what I mean with the blonde streaks in the photo on the right.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the hidden crown extensions fall out?

I’ve worn this type of extension for over 3 years and I’ve never had them fall out. So no, I honestly don’t think you have to worry about that! I do notice the extensions will slide side to side (one side will be higher than the other) if I pull all of my hair to one side. When I first got them I put a bobby pin through it to secure it but I stopped doing that because I didn’t find it necessary. I even shook my head around to test it out and it has never fallen out.

What color should I get?

They have a team to color match if you send them a few pictures of your hair in natural light. My hair color changes based on the lighting, so I watched a lot of their color videos to help decide what color I wanted to get. If needed, you can exchange the extensions if the color isn’t right for you. They come with a test strip you can try before opening up the extensions. Also, hair extensions always match better once they’re in verse just holding them up to your hair.

Keep in mind too because they are real hair, you can take them to your stylist to have them dyed to match perfectly. Hidden Crown recommends avoiding lightening the hair extensions because they are already processed. Going two shades darker shouldn’t be a problem, but always test a small strip first. If you know you want to dye them for a custom match, then consider that when picking out your color. You can read more about dying them under their FAQ.

How long do they last?

I’ve had these extensions for about a year and they will look brand new to me. It probably depends on how often you wear them and how rough you are with them as far as brushing, styling, and products. I don’t use products in mine and usually style them on the same heat setting as my normal hair (usually 350 degrees).  They recommend you avoid using styling products, excessive heat, excessive brushing, and excessive washing.

Should I get the signature or daydream?

I would recommend the Daydream for girls who are just wanting a little more natural thickness in the ends of their hair or something you can wear all day everyday. I think this extension would look the best if the extensions are cut just below the length of your own hair or if you really layer your hair and have them blended with the extensions. I think I’m eventually going to cut my 18-inch daydream so it’s more natural so I can wear it daily.

I would recommend the signature Hidden Crown Extension to anyone wanting both length and volume. I think it’s easier to blend when there is more hair there, especially the longer you want them. These are my personal favorite!

How do you fit them when you first get them?

I watched their video on how to fit them. It comes with extra wires and clips if you mess up the first time (I did!). My tip when sizing yours is to not clamp the bead down too firmly until you’re happy with how it’s sitting. Wear it around for a bit before cutting the wire and clamping the bead down completely.

Hidden Crown Hair Application tips

  • I recommend putting them in your hair before styling. It’s easier to pull your hair through without hairspray and usually, I have to touch up my curls if I do them ahead of time. I may prefer this method because my hair is relatively thin and I don’t have to section my hair when I curl it. If you have thick hair section your hair 3-4 times, you may want to try curling the bottom two layers before applying the hair extensions. Then let down the top layers and finishing your curls (like in this video – she takes her application very seriously, lol).
  • I like to run both ends of the comb along the front of my hair to make sure they’re blended.
  • To avoid getting too much hairspray and product on the extensions, I usually tilt my head to the side and pull the extension away to focus the hairspray on my natural hair. The extensions keep their curl a lot better than my natural hair.
  • If you’re worried about the extensions sliding around or falling out (I promise they won’t fall out) then you can add a bobby pin to the base of the extension.
  • If you part your hair to one side like I do, one tip I’ve learned is to have the extensions a little lower on the side with thinner hair. I found this especially helpful when doing a half up half down hairstyles.
You can see more posts of me wearing the 16 inch hidden crown extensions in the posts below:


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