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Ever since our engagement last August I have been searching for a beauty routine to get my skin wedding ready. It wasn’t until this month until I finally settled on a skincare routine that I’m happy with. I was trying out many brands from Sephora but I would breakout or I just didn’t see much change in my skin that was worth the price of some of these products. For reference, I have pretty fair sensitive skin that will breakout the next day from a “bad” product. Sometimes I’m dry and peeling on my nose and sometimes I get oily during the day.

I started hearing about Tula from the blogging world and had a few of their products in my cart waiting for a coupon code to purchase the trial set. Because my skin will react, I like to try out testers or trial sizes before buying a full bottle in case I only use it once and have to ban it due to irritation or a breakout. Fortunately, Tula reached out to send me their Discover Kit, exactly what I needed! Their skincare line is focused on balancing out your skin with probiotics, so in theory, it should work for all skin types.

I’ve been using it ever since I received it in March. It’s supposed to take you through two weeks, but I noticed it has lasted much longer (you only need a dime size of each product). To save product I usually don’t use the cleanser to wash off my makeup, but I have tested it and it does well with eye makeup. I tend to grab for organic coconut oil and a warm cloth to take off my makeup. I received a few other popular skincare samples between then and now, but I had one breakout too many and could tell that my skin wanted Tula back.

Usually, after washing my face I’ll have a little redness. After using the Tula cleanser  I swear my skin looks better than when I washed off my end of the day makeup. Now that I’ve been using it consistently, I can tell the texture of my skin is also improving, which is the result I had been hoping for. I have two small divots in the side of my cheek that just yesterday I noticed were smoothing out.

I’m running low on the moisturizer and cleanser, so I went ahead and purchased this Balanced Beauty Set (which is only available while supplies last) and purchased the full sized serum. The kit has a sample of the exfoliating mask that wasn’t in the Discovery Kit and I’ve heard great things about it. Purchasing a kit is a great way to save money, and on top of that, you can use code: strawberrychicxo20 to save 20% on your purchase. I highly recommend trying out Tula if you’re looking for a simple skincare routine to balance out whatever skin issue you have.




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