If you follow along on Instagram stories, you may have spotted my latest arm accessory – the Garmin Vivoluxe Smartwatch. Yes, this beautiful watch actually has smartwatch features like receiving texts, emails, monitoring your activity, without the sporty look that ruins your outfits. Today I’m partnering up with Garmin to answer your questions about the watch and chat about why I have been loving it!

Garmin Vivoluxe Smartwatch Review

Garmin Vivoluxe Smartwatch Review

First off, I love how chic and high-end the Garmin watch is, yet you would never guess it has touchscreen smart technology. I’ve received a few compliments on the watch since I started wearing it last month, and I get so excited to surprise them with the hidden smartwatch features. It displays like a normal analog watch, but when you twist your wrist to look at the watch the watch hands will move out of the way and display the digital smartwatch. The hands will go back to the normal time once you’re done looking, it’s so sophisticated yet practical. You can also tap the screen to bring up the menu, too.

The vivomove luxe has high-end touches, such as a stainless steel watch case and Italian leather watch bands. I have the large gold face with a white leather and silicone band that’s very easy to switch out depending on what I’m wearing it for. You can design your own watch by selecting a variety of colors, metals, and bands, but the white and gold is my favorite!

watch features

Fitness tracking

The vivomove will track steps, floors climbed, intensity minutes, and more while you’re out and about. You can enter your water intake throughout the day to stay on track with health goals.

Smart notifications

Receive emails, texts, calendar alerts, and more when your watch is paired with your smartphone. That way you know when you need to reply back to an urgent message, or stay focused on the task you’re working on.

Body Battery

Track your body’s energy levels throughout the day so you know the best time for activity or when to take a break, You can also track your sleep, menstrual cycle, heart rate, and stress with the watch.

Garmin Pay

Checking out has never been so easy with Garmin Pay’s contactless payment. I love not having to pull out my wallet or touch anything to checkout.

Battery Life

In general, it’s a very low maintenance watch. I don’t have to worry about charging it every day because the battery life lasts about 4-5 days.

Since I work from home most days, I’ve found the watch has helped me get up from my computer and take more needed breaks throughout the day. You don’t realize how long you’ve seen sedentary sitting at your desk until the watch reminds you to get up and move around a little bit. I also like the guided breathing feature if I need to slow down my breathing and relax. Since I started wearing it, I’ve been more motivated to increase my steps and practice healthier habits. I’ve noticed fewer spikes in my stress levels throughout the day since wearing it, and I know this is a big reason why!

This watch is perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for smartwatch features. It’s sophisticated enough to pair with your work outfits, to wear during workouts, and everything in between!

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