The “GG” belt or otherwise known as the iconic Gucci belt is a perfect high-end, staple piece to add to any trendy woman’s wardrobe. It’s bougie without your wallet feeling too bougie. Whether this is your first designer purchase or you’re a seasoned collector of all things designer, the Gucci belt is a versatile piece to add to many outfit options. A designer belt is a good investment piece because of how many different ways you can style it. From dressy to casual to workwear, you can add this leather belt to elevate almost any outfit, making the cost-per-wear reasonable. 

14 Outfits With a Gucci Belt


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High-waisted Jeans with a T-shirt

I love pairing my Gucci belt with high-waisted jeans, a simple t-shirt and neutral flats or sneakers. A great way to keep the belt visible is by front tucking your t-shirt or tucking it all the way around. It’s the perfect outfit to wear for running errands or grabbing brunch. An easy way to transition the outfit from day to night is changing the t-shirt to a blouse and adding some fun accessories and a block heel. 


Outfit seen in my NYFW packing post

If you want to dress up the Gucci belt and jeans, pair it with a dressier blouse, like this lace top, and pair it with booties or heels depending on the season.


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A Trench or Wool Coat

Another way to style your leather Gucci belt is by putting it around your trench or wool coat for a cinched-waist look. Who said wearing coats should cover up cute pieces? Many times, coats can feel big and bulky. A great way to give the appearance of a waist is to add the leather belt over the top of your coat for a more polished look. You’ll feel like Carrie Bradshaw walking down the street. 


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A cardigan or poncho

On a similar note, I often layer a Gucci belt over a cardigan to bring in my waistline. I styled this Target dress, first seen in this try on haul, with booties and a dolman sleeve cardigan for an easy transition outfit from summer to fall.


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Over a sweater and dress

An easy way to mix up your dresses during fall is by layering a sweater over top. It can look frumpy without proper styling, so I recommend adding a Gucci belt or adding a knot. I usually go for the best so my sweater doesn’t get stretched out.


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Pleated Skirt with a Bodysuit

There’s something about a pleated, flowy skirt that gives me all the Sound of Music vibes. Just twirling around singing, channeling my inner Julie Andrews. Just me? Haha. Pleats are a fun fashion trend right now. You see them in pants, shorts and skirts. I love a pleated midi skirt because you can wear it to the office, church, wedding/baby showers and many other occasions. I like to pair a bodysuit with skirts, so I don’t have any unnecessary bulk under the skirt. Adding the Gucci belt to the waist is a perfect accessory to add to this stunning look. 


Outfit first styled here

If it’s too cold to style a pleated skirt with a bodysuit, you can wear a sweater and front tuck the top into your skirt with a Gucci belt peaking out underneath.


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Trousers or a Pencil Skirt with a Blazer 

For a business-dress-code look, you can pair the belt with trousers and a blouse. Trousers aren’t what they used to be. A fashion trend lately has been pull-on trousers with lots of stretch. So you’re basically getting the feeling of sweatpants with the polished look of a trouser. Have to say, I’m here for it! Add the Gucci belt to the waistband to add a bit of glam to the look. 

You can also pair the belt with a pencil skirt if trousers aren’t your style. I’d recommend a bodysuit with pencil skirts to again cut down on any unwanted bulk. Throw on a blazer with the trousers or skirt, and you’ve got one gorgeous outfit for the workplace. 


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A gucci belt with a flowy dress

My favorite way to wear a Gucci belt is pairing it with a dress. The belt cinches in your waistline and makes your outfit more flattering. It works with almost any flowy dress, or helps to cover a more affordable smocked waistline. Pair it with booties and a fall hat for the perfect fall outfit.


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A gucci belt with a midi skirt

For an effortlessly chic look, you can dress down a Gucci belt and midi skirt by pairing it with a graphic tee and white sneakers. If the weather is cool enough, you can throw over a denim jacket or a leather jacket for fall.

Outfits with a Gucci belt are endless. Oftentimes when we think of something designer, belts are overlooked. But unlike shoes or purses, belts don’t get the same wear and tear. Yet you can wear them with virtually any outfit you want. Gucci fashion continues to somehow remain timeless yet fashion-forward. Adding a Gucci belt to your wardrobe will be a staple piece that you’ll reach for again and again.



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