Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been waiting for 2014 to arrive, 14 (along with 4) is my favorite number! Plus I’m that weird person who doesn’t like odd numbers, hah. Anyways, I started off my New Year at Commitment Day at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Joined by my boyfriend and his family, we did a 5k to commit ourselves to a healthy 2014 year!

In relation to committing yourself to a healthier 2014, I decided to put together a few of my fitness favorites.

1. Water Tumbler: I picked this up right before Christmas because it’s my current favorite Lilly Pulitzer print. I love elephants and as an Alabama fan I could’t pass it up! It really has helped me drink a lot more water because I prefer to drink ice water, and this insulated cup works!

2. Nike Free Shoes: I have always looked to Nike for my next pair of gym shoes. I always love their designs and colors,  which makes it hard for me to choose! After a few months of trying to decide, I found these beauties online and knew they were going to be my next pair… I found mine at finish line. As a side note, definitely size up in this particular style.. as a 7.5 in all my other Nikes, I had to get an 8.5 in these.

3. Lululemon clothing: Basically anything from lululemon is my favorite, and my boyfriend is also a huge fan.You can’t really go wrong! I find their fan base is very honest when it comes to their reviews online, so if you want to do a bit of research before you purchase check out their reviews! My favorite  is probably their wunder under tights, because I wear them as my leggings in and out of the gym (I think they’re Tim’s favorite, too.. haha!)

4. Yurbuds: I lost my Bose headphones a long time ago, and picked up a pair of these from Target not expecting much from them. However, I have to say that I love these because they don’t fall out of my ears! I’ve always had a problem with the Apple headphones, because when I ran they would constantly fall out (so annoying!). These solved the problem.

5. Heart Rate Monitor: Tim spoiled me with a Garmin 250 heart rate monitor at the beginning of 2013, and I don’t know how I went so long without one. I love using it at the gym during a workout to help track my rest breaks, peak heart rate, and calories burned. It helps you stay motivated because it shows you just how hard you worked.

6. Foam Roller: I had this same trigger point therapy roller in orange, but Tim surprised me before Christmas with this pink one and I love it even more! These are great for working out tight muscle without the price tag of a spa day.  Not to mention, it is definitely an arm workout when using it.

7. Fitness Barbie: Not pictured above, but definitely deserving of a fitness fave is one of my favorite fitness bloggers, Lauren from Fitness Barbie! If you don’t already know her (I would be surprised) she posts daily workouts and great fitness/nutrition tips. Plus she now offers REALLY AFFORDABLE workout and meal plans.  Her philosophy on looking fit over being skinny is exactly how I strive to look! I want to be a fitness barbie like her 🙂 Here’s the link to her site– Link!

Wishing everyone a healthy 2014,
Amanda xo


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