Today marks the 1 Anniversary for Tim and I as a couple. He came into town for the weekend, and it was textbook perfect. Saturday we celebrated at Vic’s on the River in downtown Savannah, and we didn’t realize how late it was until the place was empty and the staff was cleaning up. It’s amazing how time can stop when I’m with him. Over the past year, I’ve been writing down all the sweet text conversations we have shared, as well as my favorite memories as a way to keep up with our love story. I choose to share it with him this weekend, and it was perfect to relive those memories together. I highly recommend keeping a journal of your relationships in some way!

Sundays are never complete without J Christophers, so of course that was our first stop downtown. After brunch, we walked all over town going in and out of unique boutiques. One of which had macarons, so we both got to try them for the first time! You can see my excitement in the picture below. By the way, he COMPLETELY surprised me with a new MK watch, but the face took up my whole wrist so I need to swap it out for a smaller size when I get back to Atlanta in a few weeks.

Cheers to many many MANY more years together, babe!

xo Amanda


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