Here is the workout I (barely) completed today. HIIT workouts have been my favorite type of workouts to do for the past few months, and it’s because my body loves them (aka responds to them well & quickly). Well my body doesn’t love them while doing them, I should clarify.. haha. Last week I stuck with these types of workouts to get my body adjusted before starting back with weights, so this week I’m throwing in a few lifting days to target specific muscles. I think this is the schedule I wanna stick with for a while!

Warm-up- 1 mile run. I’ve been doing this as my warm-up to help increase my mile time (I hate running). I’ve always wanted to be that girl that loves to run (I mean don’t we all?!) but it’s just not gonna happen.. haha. I absolutely hate it. I thought by doing just a mile per day would be do able… so we’ll see how it goes!

10 burpees
8 kb windmills (abs) on each side
10 of this dumbbell complex: reverse fly, row, triceps kickback
15 leg raises
10 bulgarian split squat jumps (each side)
1 min plank
10 pull-ups- with the assisted machine- I’m not that jacked ;)
repeat 2x

If you have any questions about any specific exercises, just ask :)

Happy sweating!
xo Amanda


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