I went back and forth on sharing this unboxing, but I wanted to share this experience with you because you are a big part of it. I texted my friends freaking out over the purchase, and y’all are my friends, too! I’m so excited to share my first Chanel unboxing with you today.

I told myself three years ago when I finally pay off my student loans I would treat myself to something, I just didn’t know what. I work really well with a reward system ;)  I originally purchased a Gucci Marmont and if you saw the unboxing on my IG stories and saw how disappointing that was… I ended up returning it. I saved it in the Gucci flop highlight if you missed it. It wasn’t just the presentation that made me return it. I honestly felt like I went with that style because a lot of people have it. Sure I wanted it, but it didn’t bring me the feeling I was looking for.

I also wanted to celebrate the growth and success of my blog this past year. To think about how much has changed in just a year is something I am so proud of.  This purchase made me think back to when I first started. I was bored on Christmas break during my first year of PT school and wanted something fun and girlie to do. You can see my first post here, ha! I threw it together with a free template off Pinterest and the first name I thought of. I wasn’t sure if I would still want to blog a few months from then, let alone almost 6 years now. It was very slow growth as I figured things out throughout the years. There really is no secret to success…just hard work. I think some girls want to have all the answers before getting started with a blog, but I think the beauty of building your own space is figuring it out as you go….I’m going to pause these thoughts here and write up a dedicated post on this. 

I have a very small collection of designer handbags. Each one was gifted or purchased during a big life moment. My first LV was gifted for my college graduation, the second was from my now husband for my Doctorate, and then I purchased my Gucci Soho Disco bag during our honeymoon with my first PT paycheck. Each time I see those handbags, I think of those memories and the people who gifted them to me. And I love that. They aren’t just another item in my closet. They all mean something to me.

This bag has all the extra hours around my full time job and every single weekend over the last year and a half.  Throughout the years of starting my blog and eventually Youtube channel, I also overcame a lot of insecurities. No one is naturally comfortable in front of a camera and putting yourself on the internet. When I first started, I didn’t even want to tell my friends and family. And they didn’t get it… for years.  Actually some still don’t get it, lol.  But I truly love it. I never dreamed that it would turn into what it’s become.

This bag also has each of you. Every like on my IG photos, comment on my Youtube channel, page view on this blog, or purchase through my links has been a stepping stone of support to allow me to continue creating. So thank you for your support along the way. I’m so thankful to share this special unboxing with you!

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