The Sephora Savings Event is right around the corner, so I wanted to share an updated recommendations list of my top Sephora favorites. Most of these beauty items are products I have repurchased over and over again, or plan to repurchase in the future.

When it comes to my beauty routine, I really like to stick to my tried and true favorites. I typically go for a very classic, clean girl aesthetic with my beauty routine. I want my makeup to look natural on the skin, while still evening everything out. I’m a mom so I don’t have the time to do a 30+ minute full fave routine every day! So if those are the recommendations you’re looking for, keep reading.

Sephora Sale Favorites

Sephora Favorites: Beauty Items I Highly Recommend

When Is the sephora sale 2024

Sephora Savings Event Promo Code: YAYSAVE

Rouge: 20% off from 4/5-4/15

VIB: 15% off from 4/9-4/15

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All Sephora Collection is 30% off from 4/5-4/15

Sephora Favorites for the face

If you’re on the market for some new face products, these are my tried and true favorites.

Favorite FOUNDATIONS and concealers:

If you need a full coverage foundation for special occasions or even everyday, this is my favorite. It doesn’t break down throughout the day and it has a luminous matte finish (aka the best of both worlds). I wear the shade LN7.

If you want something lighter for everyday, I recommend this tinted moisturizer (I wear shade blush) or this lighter, but buildable foundation. I also like this CC cream (especially when on vacation because it has SPF50), but just a heads up to not use the full pump! A little but covers a long way.

If you want a “clean beauty” recommendation, I really like this stick foundation! It’s so easy to apply and looks really natural on the skin.

I’ve used this concealer since 2014… I was looking back at older blog posts and saw this in my sephora favorites back then! I use the shade vanilla for under my eye. I think it looks really natural and doesn’t crease or cake like heavier concealers I’ve tried.

I’ve used this powder (shade 1) to take away shine for years!


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More Face Favorites

I purchased this blush in the sale 2 years ago and it’s still the one I use regularly. I wear the shade hope. I prefer using a damp makeup sponge to blend it out because it’s super pigmented (even just a little dot!) but if you like a more dramatic look, you can use a brush instead. I have red cheeks as is so too much blush scares me lol.

This is the cream bronzer (shade happy sol) I’ve used the last 2 years. I like to apply it to a brush then blend it into my cheek bones for a natural contour. It isn’t too orange on my fair skin!

If you want a Disney princess glow, I’ve used this liquid highlighter (color champagne) for over 2 years now. I also occasionally dap a little but on my eyelid for eyeshadow, too! I don’t even squeeze the dropper and just put a dot on my ringer finger before blending it onto the top of my cheekbones.

This is the setting spray I use to take away any powdery look and it locks in your makeup all day.

If you love the look of healthy glowing skin, you need this product! I layer it under foundation, but I love how it looks on its own for lighter makeup days (to the gym, running errands, etc). I usually use shade 4 when I want more color on my skin or have a self-tan, but shade 2 is a perfect match if I want to match my skin and use it as a highlighter. When I don’t wear a lot of makeup my to-go is a tinted sunscreen and this product, it’s such a pretty combo!


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Sephora Beauty Favorites

Sephora favorites for the eyes

Sometimes I just use bronzer in my crease and call it a day, but when I want to use eyeshadow, this is my most reached for palette. I like the lighter matte neutrals on the left side, but you can do a deeper eye look or use them as liner to create different eye looks.

If you want an everyday eye look that’s quick and easy, I really like these cream shadows! You only need to use one to blend it across the lid and crease and it stays put all day.

This has been my go to mascara for years. I prefer natural looking mascaras that keep a lift and curl because my lashes are stick straight otherwise. It has buildable volume and doesn’t get clumpy. I use the brown shade, which I don’t think is always available at Sephora. I also love this clean mascara too but I wish they made it in brown. This is a tubing mascara so it washes off very easily at night.

I use this nude eyeliner in the waterline to brighten up my eyes. It’s way more natural than a white eyeliner!

I’ve repurchased this eyebrow pencil in the shade taupe at least 5 times. I like to stock up when it’s 30% off during the sale because it’s cheaper than the drugstore options! I go through the product pretty quickly because my brows are very light.

Sephora Favorites for the lips

Lately I’ve been reaching for this lip liner in the shade whatever walnut. It’s a natural nude liner that makes my lips look fuller. It isn’t as dry as other lip liners, so it can wear off a little quicker throughout the day.

You can’t go wrong with these lip liners either (shades pillow talk and iconic nude). They are worth the hype and are great for everyday wear.

This has basically been the only lipstick I’ve worn for the last 2 years. It’s the only formula I’ve tried that doesn’t make my lips look horrible after a few hours. I wear the sade 219 and it does sell out often. I’ll also note, it looks more peachy online than it does on the lips.

I can say the same thing about this lipgloss. It’s the only gloss I’ve used that doesn’t dry out my lips as it wears away. It has a very slight plumping sensation where it just feels a little cooling on the lips. I have the shades pink and nude beige.


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Best Hair Products to Purchase at Sephora

This volume root powder was featured in my March favorites recently. If you have fine textured hair or have trouble with getting your curls and style to hold, you need to try this out! I like it better than texturing sprays because I get way more volume and it feels lighter.

Yes, the airwrap is worth every penny in my humble opinion. I’ve used mine regularly since 2020! Every time I wash my hair it’s styled with the airwrap, whether I’m drying it straight or curly. You can see my detailed review here. I’m jealous of those of you who can get the pretty pink limited edition version!

This has been my go to dry shampoo for over a decade. If you have blonde hair.. you have to try it!! It has a purple hue to it to brighten up blonde hair. The reason I love it is because it doesn’t make my fine hair feel gritty and dirty like a lot of other dry shampoos. They do make a darker version but I can’t really speak to that once since I’ve never used it. I also stock up on the mini bottles for travel.

I bought this hair mask during the last sale and have used it up completely.. I plan to repurchase! I use this as my regular conditioner and I think it’ made a huge difference in the health of my hair. I talk more about my healthy hair routine in this post.

This is the only hair oil I’ve been able to use on my fine hair. I apply 1-2 drops to the ends of my hair when they need a little extra moisture and I think it helps prevent breakage!

This is the hair brush I use. It’s gentle on my hair and I love the bristles + aesthetic.

Skincare favorites

This is the sunscreen I’ve been reaching for lately. It wears well under makeup and I like that it has additional skincare benefits, too.

I love this product for special events or when I need a quick tan on my skin. It’s basically glowy makeup for your body! I use it for weddings, vacation, and when my feet are too pale haha. I apply it with this brush but you can also use your hands.. it washes off!

This isny skincare, but if you want a nice, light, feminine fragrance, I recommend this one!

I’ve repurchased this body wash multiple times. I mostly just love it for the bottle design – you can twist it close and it’s easy to use up all of the product once it gets low. They also make a fragrance-free version if you’re sensitive or wanting a clean option! I used that one when I was pregnant.

Sephora Beauty Sale

Best Clean Beauty Product

I have two brands I would recommend: Merit and Ilia. This is a really cool lip product because it’s a moisturizing lip tint. The product lasts on the lips for hours! I have the shade only you and it’s a natural rosey pink on me (it looks more nude pink online IMO). I mentioned this mascara earlier, but it’s also a really good clean option and easy to remove.



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