SO STINKIN EXCITED for today’s new video! Can you tell? I’m breaking down the best Black Friday sale codes and sharing my top recommendations to make the most of the biggest shopping week of the year. Don’t miss a full breakdown of Black Friday Sales here, along with the Barefoot Dreams blanket giveaway! xoxo


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All the items mentioned in the video are linked here and the page will be updated with new sales and recommendations throughout the next week!

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xo Amanda

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  1. Athena wrote:

    Love all your picks! I think my favorite thing I’ve bough in 2019 was actually just recently I got a cute ride on cop car for my son. It was on sale for an awesome price, so I had to snag it lol

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
  2. Michelle wrote:

    Love all your gift guide picks

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
  3. Wanda Exum wrote:

    I plan to buy an Apple desk top computer online on Black Friday or on Ciber Monday.

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
  4. Rachel Cooper wrote:

    Great info–thanks!

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
    • Kathryn wrote:

      Thank you for all the great ideas for gifts!

      Posted 11.27.19 Reply
  5. A2whimsy wrote:

    Love the posts as usual. I’d love to see more Loft and J crew recommendations

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
  6. Nathalie wrote:

    Current favorite buy of 2019 is my coach Cassie crossbody bag.

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
  7. Jane wrote:

    Great picks, thank you for this post! My fave purchase of 2019 is my T3 hair dryer, total game changer!

    Posted 11.24.19 Reply
  8. Erica Wehler wrote:

    I seriously love how much thought you put into every single video and post. The fact that you ended the bit at the end about avoiding the hype of overspending is nice because people almost always get caught up in the hype. My favorite purchase of the year is easily my Golden Retriever named Fishie . She’s my fluffy little BFF.

    Posted 11.25.19 Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    I love your recommendations! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your try hauls!

    Posted 11.25.19 Reply
  10. Nadine wrote:

    I love to go Black Friday Shopping! Loft is definitely a favorite of mine to hit up. My favorite purchase of 2019 was the Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette eye shadow. I love how it gives a whole look in just one color.

    Posted 11.25.19 Reply
  11. Kristi wrote:

    I excited to buy a pair of the Spanx faux leather leggings.

    Posted 11.25.19 Reply
  12. Chelsea Menscer wrote:

    My favorite purchase of 2019 was my bed sheets

    Posted 11.25.19 Reply
  13. Danielle wrote:

    Love your gift guide !!

    Posted 11.26.19 Reply
  14. Chloe Nicholson wrote:

    My favorite purchase was my AirPods!!

    Posted 11.26.19 Reply
  15. Amanda wrote:

    My favorite purchase of 2019 was our first home!!

    Posted 11.27.19 Reply
  16. Mikayla wrote:

    I love all your recommendations and the gift guide! My favorite purchase of 2019 will hopefully be new Airpods, and then my Kate Spade bag.

    Posted 11.27.19 Reply
  17. Elvia I Escobar wrote:

    Favorite buy this year has to be my vince camuto giggieta booties!

    Posted 11.27.19 Reply
  18. Sarah Kochert wrote:

    you are so stinkin’ cute. I have loved watching your hauls and getting some style ideas.

    Posted 11.27.19 Reply
  19. Belinda Shanlr wrote:

    Love your recommendation!

    Posted 11.30.19 Reply
  20. Cynthia wrote:

    My favorite purchase made in 2019 was a silk pillowcase!

    Posted 11.30.19 Reply
  21. Lawana Henley wrote:

    Just love the things you pick out!!!

    Posted 12.2.19 Reply