Father’s Day is approaching quickly and while it can be easy to want to wait until the last minute to pick something up for dad or the expecting father in your life, waiting until the last minute can be super stressful. And let’s be real, the reason we usually put it off is because guys can be a little harder to shop for. Since we’re expecting Baby J to arrive this summer, it’s exciting to finally celebrate with Tim for Fathers Day. If you also know of a soon-to-be Father this year and have no idea what to gift them, I’m excited to share a roundup of the best gifts for expectant fathers. Not only are these perfect for Father’s Day but they would also be great for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas of just because!

So often pregnancy ends up being mostly about the mom and the baby. It can be easy for the dads to get overlooked. And while, yes, us women are doing the physical work, the fathers are doing the emotional supportive work. Father’s Day is a great time to congratulate a soon-to-be dad with gifts that are useful, sentimental, and practical. This is an easy way to acknowledge them, thank them, and make them feel included in the journey. Not only are these gifts thoughtful but they can help new dads adjust to their soon-to-be new roles.

Best Gifts for Expectant Fathers

The Best Gifts for Expectant Fathers

Baby Carrier

This may not seem like a super exciting gift at first but a baby carrier will actually be super useful. Babies love to be held. A baby carrier will allow dad to give mom a break, get more involve and hold baby while being hands free. This is especially useful when you are going on walks, traveling, or even just making a Target run. Plus, it will make them feel special and included. I know I’m already looking forward to Tim wearing baby J. It’s always so sweet to see a dad involved and sharing in the responsibilities of a newborn.

Diaper bag for Dad

Another great gift idea for expectant dads is getting them their own diaper bag. The backpack style is masculine while also super functional! There are so many great options out there that come with a changing pad, have a spot for bottles and plenty of pockets. I’ve rounded up a few different options below. Dad will especially appreciate this when they have baby on their own and don’t want to have to tote around your handbag full of baby’s stuff. Having two bags makes it easier so that you aren’t transferring things in a hurry and forget a necessity that you will inevitably need while out.

Yeti Coffee Mug

It’s no secret that the newborn phase it both extra sweet and extra tiring. A sleep deprived dad will so appreciate a Yeti coffee mug. This way, if they get distracted and need to tend to baby, when he comes back to his coffee it will still be hot! No more reheating old coffee ten times throughout the day. Plus, this is something they can use now, before the baby arrives. The stainless-steel look also gives off a very manly, rustic vibe. While he can use it at home, he could also take it camping and would feel confident that it would hold up and not get damaged. Some retailers even offer to put an engraving on Yeti mugs. You could have DAD written on the side to make the gift even more special. You could even write a little note that says something funny about the upcoming phase you’re about to enter into together.

Bottle Opener

If the dad-to-be is into craft beer, a cool bottle opener might be a fun gift. I love this fish one from Yeti but there are so many funny and cute ones out there. I’ve rounded up a few more options for you below. I would gift this with a note that says “we’re poppin bottles, because soon we’ll be poppin bottles!” Referring to baby bottles soon! You could even include a variety of different craft beers to go along with the bottle opener. If you want to really add to the gift, you could include a set of beer tasting glasses.

Phone Sanitizer

While on the more practical side, a phone sanitizer would be super useful with a newborn. We are on our phones so often and don’t usually wash our hands afterwards. This would help to reduce the transfer of germs and possibility that you could pass something on to your sweet new baby. You could even do a whole “clean kit” and include a phone sanitizer, hand sanitizer and baby-safe sanitizer wipes that he can keep in his dad bag.

Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool

It’s no secret that dads are always the go-to person when something is stuck or broken or need fixing. In preparation for a lifetime of “dad, help!”, a multi-purpose pocket tool is the perfect start to his everyday tool kit. This will allow him to be prepared for just about anything. He can keep it on him, in the glove box of his car or simply in a spot that’s easily accessible in the house. This truly is the ultimate dad gift!

Dad T-shirt

Becoming a dad for the first time is so exciting, and something that deserves to be celebrated. Gift the papa bear to be a fun shirt that say, “best dad” or “rad dad” on it so that he can wear it proudly. You could even get yourself a matching one and wear them while at the hospital or on the way home from the hospital. This is a fun way to show just how excited you are to be parents and to wear the title of mom and dad with pride. It might just be one of the best gifts for expectant fathers!

Coffee Maker

If you wanted to take you coffee mug gift to the next level, you could pair it with a coffee maker! This is one of those gift that will keep on giving. When you’ve had late night feeding and need a little pep in your step to get through the rest of the day, you’ll be so thankful you purchased this before baby came. Plus, it’s a bonus that you can both use it! If you wanted to, you could even grab yourself your own MOM mug so that you could match with the dad to be!

Corn Hole Board

This one isn’t directly related to becoming a new dad, but every dad needs a fun outlet. Place these in the backyard and bring them out every Father’s Day. As your soon to be baby grows each year you can get them involved and play a game as a family. It’s a way to create lasting memories that the whole family will get to enjoy.

Yeti Cooler

The Yeti coolers are definitely an investment, but totally worth the money. They truly are so durable and keep things cold for hours! Get him the backpack version so that when you are all going somewhere are a family you can still be hands free. This will come in handy if you take your sweet baby to the park, on a picnic, the beach or even the pool and need to keep a bottle fresh. You can even use this in the car if you’re on a little road trip and don’t want to waste precious milk! And because it looks super manly, he won’t mind carrying it and toting it around.

Sandals or Sneakers

Treat the expectant dad to a new pair of sneakers or sandals. Bonus points if you can find a matching pair for the baby! This is a great way to simply say “thank you” for all the support your partner has given throughout your pregnancy and will continue to give as baby arrives. The support role of a father is so important. Acknowledging all that they do and treating them to something that is just for them can also be a perfect gift!


Being that the next season of life is about to be a little chaotic and lack sleep, it can be easy to forget things. To avoid the “where are my keys?” game we all love to play, gift him an Apple Airtag. It’s just like a Tile but it uses your iphone to be able to track lost things.  They even have a leather holder than you can keep it in on your key ring. This is one of those gifts that will stop so many arguments or frustrating mornings when you’re trying to get out the door.

Dad Book

You can never go wrong with a book for dads. They have so many great options from funny books, to helping through pregnancy, parenting lessons and more. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, might help to dictate which book to get. If you are in the beginning, a what to expect type book may be better. However, if you are towards the end, a how to help when baby comes or what to expect during newborn life may be better!

Need even more gift ideas? Check out my gift guide for her and him!

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for expectant father’s it’s all about getting them something they will love, while also showing just how much you value them. Celebrating their first father’s day is such an exciting time. As you both enter this exciting new season of life so much is changing, it’s important to take the time to thank one another and show just how much you appreciate everything they do!

What are you getting the dad-to-be in your life?

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