Hi Friends! Time for another bumpdate! This one gets interesting..

36 Week Bumpdate
36 Week Bumpdate

I was originally going to post this last Friday, but my appointment that day didn’t go as planned and there is a lot to catch up on. I recently started going into the doctor twice a week due to increasing blood pressure readings starting around 32 weeks. I’ve had a slightly elevated blood pressure the last few years that I’ve mentioned from time to time, and it was one of my main concerns that lead me to switch practices at 20 weeks pregnant.

During my visit, things escalated quickly after baby J failed a non stress test (which I’ve heard can happen if baby happens to be sleeping), which lead to an Ultrasound that showed my amniotic fluid went from 14 to 5 within a week. Needless to say, the midwife told me to go to the hospital for admission to see a high-risk specialist, and it was very likely that I was going to be induced that day.

Luckily, a second ultrasound in the hospital showed my amniotic fluid was much higher and in a normal range, and while in the hospital my blood pressure ironically returned to normal after a day of rest. I stayed overnight to continue monitoring and to received a steroid shot to prep baby J for an early induction, which is still on the table. For now, I’m going to continue monitoring my BP at home, resting as much as possible, and following up with the doctors twice a week.

36 Week Bumpdate

Here’s the original bumpdate. I figured I wouldn’t update or modify any answers, because this is where my head was at at the time I wrote it. Obviously, my perspectives had shifted a little bit since. There were so many emotions walking to the hospital anticipating a surprise induction a month early – I had no hospital bag packed, no nursery completed, I won’t have anymore photos of my bump, no last final dates with Tim, etc. Earlier in the week, I remember having some heavy thoughts that these were the last few weeks that our marriage would ever be like it is currently. There have been a lot of emotions thinking about all of the change right around the corner!

36 Week Bumpdate baby bag
36 Week Bumpdate
What baby bag did you go with?

I originally purchased a MZ Wallace tote bag, but after using it for travel decided it wouldn’t be the most practical baby bag for me because it seemed like an endless pit, which is great for travel but not ideal when trying to change a baby on the go. I purchased the Luli Bebe petite backpack and was hoping it would be large enough for a first time mom, but after getting it in I worried it would be a little too small for an over packer like me. I think once I get more comfortable out of the house with baby, it will be absolutely perfect! I ended up purchasing a second, larger backpack I couldn’t resist! It’s much larger, but still streamlined to your back unlike other baby backpacks I looked at. I also love how it has a separate top and bottom so it’s not a deep endless pit. Both bags can be worn a few different ways and have straps to easily attach them to the stroller. Here’s a roundup of cute baby bags I looked into.

I have both baby bags saved to a highlight on Instagram if you want to see a quick overview of them.

Recent baby purchases

Not going to lie, I feel a little behind prepping for baby! Over the last week and a half I feel like I’ve been panic buying a bunch of items haha. So there’s quite a few things to share! I will be doing dedicated posts for a more inclusive list of everything I’ve purchased for baby, as well as my hospital bag and a look at my registry!




She received so many cute newborn clothes at her shower, but I wanted to buy some practical and comfy pajamas that I know she most likely live in. I’m not sure what we will end up liking most, so I went with a few different brands from knotted gowns, magnetic closures, and easy zippers to make changing easy.

Hospital Bag

35 weeks pregnant
35 weeks
What are you most nervous about when it comes to baby?

Since I really have no clue what to expect, I doubt I can accurately anticipate the transition our lives will go through soon. But because of that, I think my biggest worry right now is balancing my business with a baby. When talking about this to others, they always say oh girl – when that baby gets here your business will be the last thing on your mind… but unless that’s coming from someone who also works for themselves I kind of take that comment with a grain of salt. I already have pretty bad boundaries when it comes to work, and the fact that I’m due during the busiest month of my year, it’s been a top concern of mine. But I know when the time comes, I’ll figure it out. I’m thankful to have a great support system ready to help once baby gets here.

Another big source of nervousness is how I want to handle social media when it comes to being a vulnerable new mom and Baby J’s life on the internet. I’m already someone who struggles to juggle being myself and filtering my personality and comments on the internet, and that’s only been heightened over the last year. I’m definitely thinking through the boundaries I’m comfortable with when it comes to sharing her and motherhood on social media. I’m sure that will be a cross that bridge when you get there situation, but it’s been something that’s also on my mind lately.

What’s your plan for maternity leave?

My plan is I don’t have a plan, lol. She is due during one of my busiest months of the year, so I don’t plan to take off a consistent period of time. I plan to do the bare minimum I possibly can, but I can’t really be like alright y’all.. see you in a few months! I do have a few team members in place to help with the backend of things, which gives me so much more confidence in this transition. Baby girl will be my top priority, but I plan to fit in what I can while she’s sleeping and taken care of while soaking up as many cuddles as I can.

Do you plan to breastfeed?

That’s my initial plan, but I really don’t have any strict goals or expectations when it comes down to it. I have friends who had no trouble with it, and others who have really struggled with it. I obviously have no experience with it, so if it works out, great! If it doesn’t and she needs formula, that’s great too! I plan to do what I can to make breastfeeding work, and will likely hire a lactation consultant to help as well. But I’m pretty open to doing what’s best for me and babe.

baby nursery update
36 Week Bumpdate
How is the nursery coming along?

It’s slowly but surly coming together! Waiting for the home projects and new carpets delayed any progress for quite a while, but now I can start putting things where they belong. We painted the walls Intimate White by Sherwin Williams, which is the prettiest soft blush! I was scared to commit to pink walls, but our entire home is white and neutral so I wanted to do something fun in there. I’m glad we took a chance on it! Paint colors can be so tricky.

One project that I don’t expect to be completed before her arrival is her closet makeover due to things constantly being out of stock the last few months. I’m wanting to put in a DIY closet using the Ikea PAX system, along with gold rods and a cute wallpaper. It took me months to find a wallpaper because I didn’t want something too expensive for such a small space, but I have expensive taste haha. I purchased this watercolor gingham wallpaper and this cute fairy tales print that I’m still deciding between! If you’re on the hunt for wallpaper here are some of the other options I was considering:

I have been filming some of the progress and before and afters that I will eventually be sharing with you in a vlog on Youtube!

I’m starting to wash her clothing and organize her drawers this week. Baby clothes are so tiny they get lost in the big dresser drawers, so I ordered a few variations of these drawer organizers. I also got the bassinet set up in ready in our master and it’s the sweetest little moses basket.

moses bassinet
36 Week Bumpdate


Any new third trimester symptoms?

Ever since getting the steroid injection over the weekend I’ve suddenly had an onset of typical pregnancy symptoms, from heartburn, flushing in my face and skin, and breast tenderness. During this trimester my energy levels have been better than expected, but I have started taking a few naps during the week and have had more difficulty sleeping through the night.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and support over the weekend!



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