When I started Strawberry Chic and later my YouTube channel, I Googled how to do everything. It’s how I figured how to use iMovie, Lightroom, and everything else in between. However, a lot of things I had to learn the hard way with a little trial and error. I found myself sharing these tips, or “youtube hacks” with my friends who expressed interest in starting a YouTube channel.

Since I first started my blog, there have been a few different social platforms added to the social media world. BUT video marketing on YouTube shouldn’t be skipped because YouTube acts as a search engine in and of itself, basically a social media Google. If you do your research with keywords and frequently searched terms, you’ll have a better chance of growing.

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Youtube Hacks For Beginners strawberry chic

YouTube Hacks For Beginners

You don’t need a fancy equipment

One of the most popular videos on my channel was shot on my iPhone with no professional equipment. It was also my very first attempt at vlogging! Don’t hold back from starting a YouTube channel because you can’t afford expensive equipment. I don’t think you need a nice camera until you’re ready to invest. I already had a blog camera, and now I have a lighter vlogging camera for try on hauls and on the go filming.

Set Up a Mini YouTube Studio

You don’t need a specific and dedicated “creator studio” for your YouTube channel. 🙂 But I do recommend choosing a neutral-colored background that’s not distracting. You also want to be sure there’s good, natural lighting. If this is something you’re wanting to pursue, I recommend getting inexpensive lighting and a microphone to enhance the quality of your videos.

Basic Keyword Research

This sounds a lot more intimidating than it is. But basically you want to create videos on topics related to search terms viewers are searching related to your niche. For instance, if your niche is fashion, and you’re wanting to create a video on wedding guest dresses, you simply want to go to the YouTube search bar and type in wedding guest dresses. Then some of the other most searched titles will pop down below. Write those down and center your try-on/video around those terms. You want to become one of YouTube’s favorite videos to be pushed to the top of the search.

Include Keywords in Your Description

Be consistent with your keywords. YouTube picks up on what we actually say in a video, so be sure to reiterate the keywords you’re focusing on throughout your video. Plus you’ll want to include them in your video titles, video description and the tags of your video.

Avoid Background Noise

You’ll be surprised what background noise is picked up in your camera while filming. I usually turn off the AC, my overhead fan, and any diffuser running in the room to decrease background noise. Yes, it gets hot, but I’d rather have good quality sound for my videos. I also pause if a neighbor is mowing their lawns, a plane flies overhead, or a train goes through town. All of which happens every time I film!

Another random thing to avoid is wearing stacks of bracelets. Sounds silly, but trust me, it’s a loud sound on video. So I usually avoid wearing bracelets all together or just wear one.

Film multiple intros and outros

I always film at least 3 intros and outros because I find that’s where I get the most rambly. One always stands out compared to the rest. When editing, I usually always go with the shorter version, but I never make the final decision until the rest of the video is edited and I see how long it is. In the beginning, I also completely forgot to end most videos, so I tried to remember and do both the intro and outro in the beginning.

You’ll want to include calls to action in your outro. Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and give your video a thumbs up, if they found the video content helpful. I also recommend asking a question at the end of your video and ask the viewer to leave a comment. The more engagement you have on each of your videos, the more YouTube is going to recommend your videos and push your video to the top of the search results the viewer searched in the first place.

Space out topics and talk slowly

My nervous habit is to talk fast, so I’m trying to work on this. For a long time, I would talk too fast because I thought it would make the video shorter, but it really wasn’t saving much time. Breathing is more important 😉 Also remember you can edit out transitions between topics.

** Avoid talking while reaching for items if you’re filming a haul video. I learned this the hard way while editing the first haul I filmed. It was impossible to edit out leaning forward to pick things up when I was still talking about the item. It seems like common sense now, but as a new Youtuber it’s something I didn’t learn until it happened!

How to start a Youtube Channel
Youtube Hacks For Beginners

Avoid the 30-minute filming limit

I had no idea that a regular camera has a <30-minute time limit when filming videos. In the beginning, I wasted so much of my time talking to a camera that turned off, without any warning or noise. So after learning the hard way, I set a timer on my phone if I know it’s going to be a longer video to avoid this issue. Now the camera I use makes a noise when it shuts off, but just in case yours doesn’t theres a little hack!

I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to link something in the description box that is mentioned in the video. This is missing out on potential affiliate commission and clicks to my site, so it’s important to remember all the details! Now, I write down anything mentioned in the video as I go through and edit it, along with the estimated time it’s mentioned so I can also add relative cards to pop up throughout the video. I also write down what I’m wearing in the video to add those affiliate links as well.

You’ll also want to include similar videos you’ve filmed in the past and include them in the video description. You can also create a link to include on the screen itself throughout your video to your other similar videos. This helps show your expertise in your niche while also upping your views on your other videos.

Tips to keep your camera from overheating

I used a Sony a6000 for my blog and sit down YouTube videos. I didn’t know why it was shutting off due to overheating every time I filmed. Now, I always move the screen away from the body of the camera to keep it from overheating. Sometimes I even keep the battery door open, too. Now that I use this camera, I don’t have that issue!

Youtube Channel vlogging tips for newbies
Youtube Hacks For Beginners

Know filming and editing will get easier

It took me hours to edit my first YouTube video and I wanted to give up so many times. I can be a perfectionist, which is a good thing, but it also adds extra time and criticism to the content I put out. Not going to lie, I took the time to try an edit out every “UM” I said because it drove me crazy. Now that I’ve uploaded almost 50 videos, my editing time is much more efficient and I’m not wasting time googling and watching YouTube trying to figure out how to edit in iMovie.

** Also, believe me when I say sitting in front of a camera and talking to yourself and hearing your voice will get easier. I never thought I would put myself on YouTube. I have the hardest time uploading to IG stories because I hate the sound of my voice! But it really does get easier the more you do it.

Keep your eyes on the lens

Remember to look at the lens and not at your viewfinder. You’re talking to the viewer and not yourself! If you have a hard time keeping your eyes on the screen, just flip it down once you have your setup. My blog camera doesn’t have a flip-up screen, so looking at the lens hasn’t been an issue for me when using it.

Don’t forget to take a thumbnail photo

I usually take a minute to smile and have thumbnail options at the beginning of the recording so I can easily find it. In iMovie, I screenshot 4 thumbnail options and make my thumbnails in Canva. I’ve learned to move the iMovie video dial in the top right corner all the way to the right to get the most options for thumbnail photos. Your thumbnail will be the reason people click to watch your video, so spend time on it!

Save time editing your description box

You can save a custom description in your YouTube settings to automatically apply to all your videos. This saves a lot of time when adding your social channel links and topics you include in all your videos.

Youtube Hacks beginners should know
Youtube Hacks For Beginners

Upload in chrome

Safari just doesn’t cut it when uploading to YouTube (or with most other things to be honest). If I accidentally upload in Safari, I always get an error code when uploading a custom thumbnail. I always upload and design my thumbnails on Canva in the Chrome browser.

Have two batteries and memory cards

It never fails that either my battery will die or my memory card will fill up in the middle of a video. I think the first thing you should invest in is an extra battery and two good memory cards.

* * *

I hope you found these YouTube hacks helpful! If you want to see more behind the scenes of how I scaled my YouTube channel, you won’t want to miss this blog post.

If you’re looking for more blogging tips, theres is more to explore on my blog!

xo Amanda John

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