Cowboy hats are a statement piece that every girl needs in their closet these days. If you’re anything like me, you love adding a touch of Western inspired elements to your outfits. What better way to do that than with a classic cowboy hat? From leather cowboy hats to brim shapes, these looks have you covered. Cowboy hats can be versatile accessories that are both stylish and practical. Whether you’re heading off to a country concert, the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between, a cowboy hat can instantly elevate your outfit and make a statement. In this post, I’m sharing a round-up of outfit ideas to help you know what to wear with a cowboy hat. From casual to chic, there’s something for everyone. So, let’s jump in!

What To Wear With a Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat Outfit 1


Pairing a black v-neck long-sleeve wrap knit dress with a cowboy hat is an effortless outfit that you can come back to time and time again. The simplicity of the dress balances out the hat while still looking put together. To complete the look, throw on some white knee-high cowboy boots, and you’re ready for anything from a casual day out to a fun night with friends.

cowboy hat outfit 2


For a sophisticated look, pair your cowboy hat with a white faux fur coat and white straight-leg jeans. This monochromatic white outfit will make your cowboy hat stand out in the best way. Whether you’re headed out to dinner or hitting the town, this outfit exudes both style and confidence. Plus, if you’re in a cold weather environment, this coat will keep you warm and snug.

cowboy hat outfit 3

Can you say picture-perfect look? This outfit would be perfect for engagement photos with a Western twist! This blue and white short-sleeved floral maxi dress is complete when paired with light suede pointed-toe western booties, pearl gold hoop earrings, and a cowboy hat to tie it all together. This outfit effortlessly blends a feminine style with a touch of Western flair. The stunning maxi dress adds an elegant vibe, while the pointed-toe booties add to the Western look. For the perfect finishing touch, add these pearl gold hoop earrings.


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cowboy hat outfit 4


I love this white half-sleeve ruffled midi dress, paired with classic western boots, a silk neck scarf, and your favorite cowboy hat. This outfit is just the right amount of sweet, with the ruffled details adding a playful touch to the look. The brown western boots compliment the cowboy hat, while the silk neck scarf adds a pop of color and texture. Be sure to always store your hat well, because you never know what outfit will need it for the perfect touch!

cowboy hat outfit 5


For an effortless cowboy hat look, try this blush v-neck long-sleeve wrap mini dress paired with white leather knee-high western boots. This outfit exudes both confidence and style without requiring a lot of effort! The soft blush hue of the dress adds a touch of femininity, while the western boots bring in that hint of Western charm. Adding the perfect cowboy hat to this look is the finishing touch that ties everything together.

cowboy hat outfit 6

If you’re in the market for an edgy cowboy hat look, try this white satin midi slip dress paired with a black western waist belt, black leather western booties, and a black cowboy hat. The satin slip dress adds a touch of elegance, while the waist belt cinches the waist for a flattering silhouette. Add these black leather booties to compliment the belt, and top it all off with this iconic black cowboy hat. This look is a perfect fit for a summer concert or a night out on the town!

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cowboy hat outfit 7


For a classic western hat look, pair a denim top with a pair of high-waisted dark-wash jeans, add white knee-high western boots, and top it all off with a cowboy hat. When you think of styling a cowboy hat, this outfit probably comes to mind! The denim top has a laid-back vibe, while the high-waisted jeans give you a flattering silhouette. Add knee-high western boots and your cowboy hat to tie the whole look together.

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cowboy hat outfit 8


This outfit is the perfect blend of sophistication and Western charm. Pair a black turtleneck sweater with a black mini skirt, add a black waist belt, slip on some white knee-high western boots, and top it all off with a cowboy hat. The black turtleneck and mini skirt combo is timeless, while the waist belt adds a touch of definition to your waistline. Those white knee-high western boots bring in a pop of contrast, and of course, the cowboy hat adds that iconic finishing touch.

cowboy hat outfit 9

For a cowboy hat outfit that is both casual and stylish, try this white button-up denim mini dress paired with white knee-high western boots, a silk neck scarf, and pearl stud earrings. This denim dress is too cute and unique, while the knee-high boots bring in the right amount of Western charm to compliment your cowboy hat. To finish the look, add a silk neck scarf with a small bow in the back and pearl earrings. These elements elevate the outfit with a hint of sophistication.

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cowboy hat outfit 10


Looking for an all-white cowboy hat style? Start with this cashmere turtleneck sweater paired with this white denim midi skirt, then slip on some white knee-high western boots, and top it off with a classic cowboy hat. This look is the perfect combination of comfort and style for the colder months of the year. The cashmere sweater adds a touch of luxury and warmth, while the white denim skirt keeps things fresh and modern. The knee-high western boots compliment the look with their western flair, and of course, wearing your cowboy hat brings it all together.

cowboy hat outfit 11

Will you be styling your cowboy hat at the beach? For a vacation-ready look, pair this raffia cowboy hat with this white striped twist front ruffle trim one-piece swimsuit and a crochet swimsuit coverup. To accessorize further, grab a straw clutch purse to hold your beach essentials. The one-piece swimsuit adds a chic and flattering silhouette, while the crochet coverup adds a boho element. Finally, the straw cowboy hat adds the perfect touch for achieving a laid-back beach look.

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cowboy hat outfit 12


For a trendy look that’s perfect for any season, style this mock neck cropped sweater top paired with a denim mini skirt, a pair of white knee-high western boots, and a cowboy hat. This look is a blend of casual and chic that pairs well with a cowboy hat. The cropped sweater adds a modern twist to the look, while the denim skirt adds a modern touch. If the weather is cooler, you could add a white coat and a pair of tights to stay warm!

cowboy hat outfit 13

Summer country concert anyone? For a boho-inspired take on a cowboy hat look, try this flowy long-sleeve floral print mini dress paired with strappy kitten heel sandals and a white leather crossbody bag. The floral print dress adds a touch of femininity and whimsy, while the strappy sandals keep things light and breezy. Add this white leather crossbody bag to hold all your essentials. Don’t sleep on felt hats, because for looks like this one, they’re the perfect touch!

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cowboy hat outfit 14


For a stunning all-white western look, start with this white long-sleeve button-down ruffle top paired with a white denim midi skirt, then add white knee-high leather boots and a silver and turquoise chain belt. And of course, top it all off with a classic cowboy hat. This look is the ultimate blend of chic and Western vibes that’s sure to make a statement. The ruffle top adds a touch of femininity, while the denim skirt keeps things modern.

cowboy hat outfit 15

Last but certainly not least, this casual and cute outfit is sure to become a summer go-to for you. Start with a white eyelet puff sleeve peplum top paired with denim shorts, add these light suede pointed-toe western booties, a pair of pearl drop earrings, and top it all off with a classic wide brim cowboy hat. The eyelet top adds a feminine touch, while the denim shorts keep things casual and comfortable. These booties add a hint of Western style to compliment your hat, and the pearl earrings bring in a touch of sophistication.

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So there you have it—plenty of inspiration for incorporating a cowboy hat into your style! Whether you’re tipping your hat to these outfits or just dipping your toes in, there’s no denying the versatility and style that a cowboy hat can bring to any outfit. Don’t forget your cowboy hat etiquette, make sure you’re wearing a hat that fits with the right hat sizing, and you’ll look the part!

Which cowboy hat outfit is your favorite from this round-up? Let me know in the comments!



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