What to Keep In Your Diaper Bag for newborn babies

As a new mom, there are a lot of things that can be stressful, but leaving the house shouldn’t be one of them! It took me a few weeks before I gathered the courage to venture out with Josie. However, once I did I felt so much better and like I could take on the world. One of the things that helped to ease my anxiety was making sure that my diaper bag is fully stocked. I always heard the tip from other moms not to wait until you’re about to walk out the door to stock the diaper bag. Instead, go ahead and refill it once you come home from an outing with things you may have used. I find this to be super helpful! It takes so much stress out of trying to remember if I have everything I need.

I’ve received tons of questions about which diaper bag I’m loving and using and what all I keep in it. Below I’m sharing my complete list of what to keep in your diaper bag! Feel free to use this as a resource. As a new mom, when I was getting ready for Josie’s arrival, I loved having lists like these to help make sure I was prepared ahead of time. I’m sure this list will change and evolve as Josie does, but in the newborn stage, this is what we are currently toting around.


When I first started my hunt for the perfect diaper bag, I knew I wanted something that was both aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also functional. While you can totally grab an organizer insert and pop it into your tote bag, I’ve found that I love the convenience and organization that a designated diaper bag gives me during the newborn phase. I’m sure once Josie moves into the toddler phase and we aren’t needing quite as many essentials I’ll move over the the other option!

Right now I’m using the Hollis diaper bag and I love it!I love that this one can be worn as a backpack, cross body, or hooked onto the stroller and it wears flat along your back unlike other diaper bags I tried on. I’ll walk you through all the amazing storage components and how I organize everything for ease of use.

What to Keep In Your Diaper Bag

In the top section of this diaper bag, I store the baby items I reach for most often day to day. It has functional pockets to organize everything from diapers, a pacifier, sound machine, and bottles if you need them on the go.


I usually keep 5 diapers on hand, but this depends on how long you plan to be out of the house. I’d rather be safe than sorry and have a few more than I need, just in case!


We are using the water wipes right now and I’m loving them. I put them in a travel case so it isn’t as bulky in the diaper bag. I also love that this helps to seal them off a little better so they won’t dry out over time since I may not use the diaper bag daily.

Pacifier and Case

Josie doesn’t love the pacifier, but every now and then if she’s fussy it’s nice to have on hand just in case it can soothe her. It’s helpful to have a little storage case to put it in to keep it clean, and they even make them with a sanitizing feature for on the go! If you’re little one loves the pacifier, I would go ahead and pack two!

Burp Cloth

These are one of our most used items day to day. The basic muslim cloth pack on Amazon are super soft and even preferred over the cuter burp cloths we have. Some of the cotton based ones don’t absorb the liquid and will sit on top or even roll off. I would go ahead and save yourself the money and get the Amazon ones. If I’ll be out for a while I’ll throw a back up one in my bag as well!

Changing Mat

Luckily, this fold up changing mat came with the diaper bag when I purchased it. However, if yours didn’t you definitely need to add one in! This one from Target folds up small and comes with a wristlet strap.

Hand Sanitizer

Washing with soap and water is always preferred, but when you’re on the go and that’s not an option this is the next best thing. I love this spray because it smells amazing!


I’m obsessed with Aquaphor myself for my lips and dry hands, but we also use it as a barrier diaper cream during the night for Josie, too! This is great if she is going to be in her carseat for an extended timeframe. We will apply before and after once we get out of the car and change her.

Bags for Dirty Clothes

I was on the hunt for some small bags to use on the go with dirty clothes and I came across this brand! They come in so many prints and colors and it’s super small to fit inside even the smallest diaper bag.

Sound Machine

A few times I left the house without this portable sound machine and regretted it. Every now and then Josie has been fussy in the car seat and white noise usually calms her down and helps her go to sleep. You always have the option to play white noise on your phone, but it’s nice to save your battery life.


This is also something I recently added to our diaper bag.Since babies have a much harder time regulating their body temperature, they can heat up pretty easily. She will get fussy if she gets too warm. I think it’s one of the main reasons why she get’s fussy in her car seat, since it’s rear facing and the airflow is not as great.

Extra "just in case" items for baby to Keep In Your Diaper Bag

One of my favorite features is the zip closure bottom section! It keeps the diaper bag from becoming an bottomless pit. Since it’s not as convenient as the top section, I use it to keep items that I may need, but don’t use as frequently. It probably seems like over-preparing, but the more prepared you can be as a mom, the better! I’m sure the one time I don’t have an extra change of clothes will be the one time she absolutely needs them. Better safe than sorry, in my opinion! Below is a list of the items for those “just in case” moments.

Extra set of long sleeve pajamas and a onesie

This is in case she spits up or has a major blow out. Both of which are likely to happen at some point. I’ve also heard it’s a good idea for Mom and Dad to have a backup top in the car… just in case.


This is one of those items that has a ton of usage. It’s perfect if I need to change her in the car and want to quickly lay this down. You can use it if it’s a little drafty. And worse case it can always double as a spit up or clean up cloth.

Solly wrap

Sometimes it’s easier to wear her than to unpack the stroller or try to carry her in the carseat. This is a great option if you’re going into the grocery store or running into Target and need to be hands free. It also keep strangers away from hovering and touching baby when they are small.

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Nursing/ car seat cover

I love that the car seat cover can double as a nursing cover! It’s perfect for keeping the sun off baby, or strangers from peaking in on her. It also works great in case I need to do an impromptu nursing session and we are in a public area.


This is perfect after feeding Josie and I’m worried about her spitting up. It also helps if she’s drooling and I don’t want her outfit soaked through.

Backup snack

This one is for me right now, but eventually this will be for mama and baby! Because let’s be real, no one is a happy camper when they’re hangry!

Hair tie

Since I’m not going to be carrying two bags, I tuck a few things in her bag for me! One of my must-haves in a hair tie. In the Georgia heat, you need this more often than you think!

What do you keep in your diaper bag? Anything I should add to this list?

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