Hi Friends! I shared a little week in my life vlog on my youtube channel you can watch below. In the video you’ll see a little Target shopping, random amazon purchases and unboxing new purchases throughout the week.

Everything mentioned in the video is linked in the description box on Youtube, here!

23 week bumpdate:

It’s only been a few weeks since my last bumpdate, but I feel like I have a lot to share!

free assembly dress | 23 Week Bumpdate

See this outfit styled 4 ways in my recent Walmart try on haul

How is Baby J??

She is growing right on track. She measured a pound last week, but it feels like much more ;) Everything went well finishing off the anatomy scan, which is a big relief that things are developing normally.

Now that I can officially feel her moving around in there, it feels much more real. Since the last update, she has been the little wiggle worm in my belly. They don’t warn you about those deep internal kicks though ;)

How are you feeling?

I think my initial wave of overwhelm with everything I want to do to prep for Baby J is starting to fade now that there is more of a plan in place for the home updates. My Mom has been the biggest help around the house and with little business tasks I get overwhelmed with. I’m currently trying to audit my business a bit to see where my time is best spent and where I could potentially use some more help to hopefully have a better schedule in place before her arrival this summer.

I started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow again this week because I love waking up on my back or stomach, and that’s helped to keep me on my side like they recommend. At first, I wasn’t a fan because it’s a process to switch sides, but it is pretty comfortable and not as huge as others I looked at.

New purchases?

I recently ordered these maternity jeans and leggings. I wasn’t a fan of the jeans because they just felt weird, but I’ve been living in the leggings lately! I haven’t been the biggest fan of this brand for leggings in the past, but they definitely changed them since I last tried them and they feel like great quality. I also ordered a few more of my favorite everyday bras in the next size up, but they don’t really fit yet. I was expecting more growth in the girl department but that just hasn’t happened yet.

Oh and because I’ve been very vocal about my aversion for my vitamins, I wanted to give you another update. I switched to this gummy vitamin which was much more enjoyable to take (I call them my fruit snacks lol), but I noticed an unwelcomed change to my GI system so I switched back to these last week and the problem resolved. I still have a difficult time taking them, so I broke down and ordered the popular Ritual vitamins. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Any new symptoms?

Overall I’ve been feeling well. I noticed a little more achiness in my back after our daily 2 mile walks in the evening and my gums are more sensitive. I also find I get pretty uncomfortable at night if I eat too much, so I’m trying to stop while I’m ahead but sometimes the meal is just too good, haha.

What are you currently working on?

Right now, I’m looking at beach rentals for a little babymoon with Tim. We were originally thinking we’d do Scottsdale, where we got engaged, but feel it would be easiest and safest to travel somewhere we can drive. I’m also looking forward to a little weekend getaway with my girlfriends to Savannah next month.

Tasks on my to do list:

  • Find a pediatrician
  • Start a baby registry (have any recommendations??)
  • Keep looking at names (this has gotten no where, haha)
  • Book babymoon
  • Get back to Obe barre classes
  • Pick a date for baby shower
  • Pick out paint for the nursery
  • Browse and finalize nursery direction
  • Still on the hunt for a new couch and rug for the living room
  • Start bathroom and carpet renovations this month

In my last update, I mentioned I’m switching practices halfway through my pregnancy, so I wanted to share an update on that with you now that I’ve officially switched.

How was the new OB practice?

It felt like a night and day difference! The communication was great, and I feel really confident that I made the right decision. I felt all my concerns were addressed, and the visit overall was much more educational and “warm”. Most importantly, I feel like my main concerns (ie: my history of high BP) will be closely monitored and should any issues arise, I feel confident in my care.

How is seeing a midwife different than an OB?

For whatever reason, I thought midwifery care was only for those who were interested in non-medicated home birth. I didn’t realize they deliver in the hospital alongside OBs! Their care does typically focus on a more conservative approach, with lower rates of c-section, induction, and interventions. There is a range of midwife training and certifications, so if you’re considering switching look into their accreditations to see what you’re comfortable with. This post helps to break down the differences a bit more.

At this practice 90% of deliveries are with a midwife, but there is also a OB-GYN present in the hospital should any complications or need for surgery arise. I’m also looking into hiring a doula to assist during delivery, but haven’t made any decisions there yet.

* * *

And that’s it for this little bumpdate! i can’t believe I’ll be 6 months pregnant (24 weeks) tomorrow. Time is flying by after getting through the first trimester.



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