Our little Josie girl is two months, so it’s time to share a little update! Her first month felt like a blur, but now I feel like we’re getting into a little routine. We still haven’t ventured out with her yet outside of pediatrician appointments, but I booked a little fall getaway to the quiet mountains this October and I can’t wait!


At her 2 month appointment she is measuring very tall and lean for her age, making shopping for her new clothing quite interesting when looking at the measurements :) She measures almost 90% in height and 25% in weight..so from what I’ve looked at she needs 6 month clothing for height but newborn clothing for weight. For that reason, I’ve been loving the Lou Lou and Company top + bottoms and the Kyte onesies seem longer, too.

favorite products

After a lot of trial and error, this swaddle is finally the winner. It’s the only one she can’t get her hands out of, but she will occasionally sneak her feet out of the bottom. I no longer use the boppy for feeding but we love it for tummy time. She can lift her head up and look around for a pretty long time using it. We didn’t use a sound machine initially, but around week 7 she started having more trouble with day naps and it really seemed to help. We use it in our room at night and I love that I can control it from my phone. We moved the VAVA light I raved about initially into her nursery for night changes.


This month Josie has really started taking in her surroundings, and during tummy and play time she’s enjoyed looking at high contrast cards. She’s also pretty social when she’s awake and gives us a lot of smiles and coos in conversation, which is the highlight of my day! She loves having her hands in her mouth, looking around during family walks, and bath time. She’s a strong little girl and can already hold her head up while were holding her.

How is she sleeping?

I feel like this is the golden question with a baby, lol. But Josie has been a great sleeper and usually sleeps 7-8 hour stretches most nights. She usually has really short naps and is a little more fussy between 8-midnight, but that’s when Tim and I usually go to sleep and luckily at that point she sleeps through the night most of the time. I try to do a dream feed before I go to bed to give her some extra calories for the night. This week after her shots she’s gone to bed much earlier and hasn’t been fussy at night like she was previously, so who knows if that will stick around. Everyday and week can be so different with babies with how fast they grow!She seems to sleep much better now that we do day naps in the crib with a sound machine. We also moved the sound machine into our room at night since she’s still sleeping in her bassinet by the bed and I think we sleep so much better, too! I had no idea how noisy babies are in their sleep.

I try to practice putting her down drowsy but awake for most naps. Sometimes it works beautifully, and other times it doesn’t. Sometimes she’ll nap for 2 hours and I have to wake her up, other times she naps 45 minutes and we have to bounce her back to sleep to try and extend the nap. There is really no pattern to her naps right now.

How is breastfeeding going?

It’s so much easier now compared to the first month. I feel a little less “locked down” knowing she’s taking a bottle well with Tim if I leave the house. I was stressing that she wasn’t eating enough with her sleeping longer stretches at night, but the pediatrician said all is well as long as she’s gaining weight appropriately and happy! We don’t follow a scheduled feed, but she typically eats around 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, and dream feed before bed.

Is she on a schedule?

She’s on a pretty flexible schedule right now, which is what I think we’ll stick with until it doesn’t work for us anymore. If she naps longer than 2 hours during the day I will wake her up, feed her once she shows hunger cues, then I try to keep her up for an hour, no longer than an hour and a half if possible based on her optimal wake window for this age. I just started reading the book Babywise, and even though I’ve barely started it, it seems pretty aligned with what we’ve naturally been doing.

* * *

Just a short and sweet little update for y’all. Thank you so much for supporting me during this new chapter xoxo



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