Hi friends! So excited to be teaming up with Athena Club to share my experience with their razor. I never thought I would be so in love with a razor, but once you see it you’ll see why! It’s the chicest razor on the market, not to mention affordable and convenient.

For years, I used a mens razor, sacrificing the aesthetic for a closer shave. Not to mention, those razor cartridges are expensive. It was annoying to repurchase them so regularly at such a high price-point, especially when they weren’t even cute 😉

Athena Club Razor Review
Athena Club Razor Review

Athena Club Razor Review

Then recently, I was introduced to Athena by my best friend! She told me about the gorgeous packaging (we’re both pink lovers) and that I needed to try it out. Once it arrived, it did not disappoint. It came in a chic pink box, and the handle along had a high-end silicone feel with a gold finish. The razor provided a very close shave and contoured against the leg well since it had a light spring to it.

The shaving cream was also very luxurious. A tiny bit goes a long way, too! It foams up to a cloud-like consistency, and stays put on the leg so you can tell what areas you’ve shaved and where you may have missed. I noticed way less areas of missed spots on my legs since switching to this shaving cream. I have very sensitive skin, and I had no irritation afterward.

athena club subscription
Out of convenience, I recommend subscribing so you have new blades delivered to your door based on how frequent you shave.

For me, I know I was guilty of going too long between repurchasing new razors, so it’s nice to not have to think about month to month. And you get a much better shave!

In addition to the razor subscription, Athena also offers other self-care products, from vitamins, probiotics, body lotion, deodorant, and even tampons! I’m definitely going to give those a try, because they’re made with clean ingredients and I love the convenience factor. You can get all your self-care essentials in one place.

I wanted to go ahead and mention that I’ve had a great experience with the deodorant so far.

As someone who has hated switching to natural deodorant after trying multiple brands, I can safely say my experience with the Athena deodorant has been much better. I like the smooth consistency compared to the others that felt dry and thick. I actually didn’t even notice a difference the day I switched, and I even went on two walks outside and cleaned the house that day. Usually, I feel very gross and wet (yuck) when trying natural deodorants. If you’re in the same boat, I recommend giving this one a try.

Athena Club Razor Review

I mean come on, there isn’t a cuter, more convenient razor out there! The products are clean and toxic-free, made in the USA, and nickel-free. You can get started with Athena Club for $9 and pick how often you want blazes delivered to your door, based on how frequent you shave and how many times/year you want them delivered.

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