Spring Pieces You Can Wear Now and Later

I know the feeling of wanting to jump right into my spring wardrobe when it’s very much still winter. But over the years I’ve uncovered the secret to a great transitional wardrobe is all about the color pallet! I’m sharing my favorite Walmart fashion spring pieces you can wear now and later that fall right into that perfect transitional wardrobe category.

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Spring Pieces You Can Wear Now and Later

When thinking about dressing for winter with spring-inspired vibes, I always recommend a great pair of white denim. I’ve paired these Walmart cropped jeans with an oversized sweater for warmth in the winter while still giving off spring vibes. By pairing this look with suede boots, it also gives it a more wintery feel. However, as the weather warms up you can pair these same jeans with a light-weight top and sandals to look more ready for Spring.

Another great way to incorporate spring pieces that you can wear now and later is to opt for light pinks, whites and blues. I go over exactly how to style pinks and white during winter in this post. I have to admit, bringing in a lighter color palette can truly brighten up a wardrobe rut in the middle of winter. I’ve rounded up a few more of my favorite transitional pieces from Walmart for you below!

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How do you incorporate spring pieces into your wardrobe when it’s still winter?

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