There’s something timeless about wearing a classic bold shade of red lipstick. When it comes to the range of red lipsticks there are endless shades to choose from. Regardless of your age or style, the perfect red lip can instantly elevate any look. But let’s be real, finding the right shade for your skin tone can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you have pale skin! If you can relate, I’m right there with you. That’s why I’m sharing a roundup of my top 10 picks for the best red lipsticks for pale skin. So, whether you’re a red lip expert or just dipping your toes in for the first time, this roundup is for you. Let’s jump in!

10 Red Lipsticks for Pale Skin

The Slim Velvet Radical Matte Lipstick

I’m starting off this roundup strong with my absolute favorite red lipstick from last season, the slim velvet radical matte lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. Now I do feel a responsibility to warn you that this lipstick is intensely pigmented for a bold red lip look. However, it’s very comfortable to wear and the shape of the lipstick itself allows you to achieve a precise application. It has a matte finish, while still being packed with silky oils to moisturize your lips simultaneously. For reference, I use this lipstick in shade 307, “Fiery Spice”. In my opinion, this one is perfect!

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Matte Lipstick

This matte red lipstick in the shade Ruby Woo from MAC Cosmetics is another one of my red go-to’s. I love this shade for my skin tone because it is a classic blue-based red. Finding the best red for pale skin tones can be a challenge, but my recommendation would be to lean towards reds that have blue undertones in them for the best result. This specific lipstick will give you the perfect matte lip, as this is what MAC lipsticks are so good at!

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Powermatte Lipstick

If you’ve been following me for long, then you know this powermatte lipstick in the shade “Dragon Girl” is the original Taylor Swift red that she wore throughout her 1989 era! So basically, this lipstick is an iconic red that is Taylor Swift approved. Need I say more? Jokes aside, this is a great matte lipstick that offers full coverage and lasts all day long. It packs a punch! The Dragon Girl red color is dense in the best way. If you’re looking for a staple red lipstick to add to your collection, this one is a must.

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Colour Riche Original Satin Lipstick

For a red lipstick that has a satin finish, this option from L’Oreal Paris is my favorite! If you’re looking for a boost of hydration for your lips, I recommend sticking with lipsticks that have a satin finish to them if possible. Not only is this lipstick one of my top choices for a reliable red, but it’s also very affordable compared to other options. The shade on this one is 260, “Raspberry Rush”.

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The Bold High Pigment Lipstick

This is another lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent that I’m a big fan of. Different than the slim velvet radical matte lipstick I mentioned earlier, this one is an ultra-pigmented satin lipstick that has just the right amount of shine to it. I prefer the red shade 01 “Le Rouge” but it also comes in another stunning red shade 02 “Wilfull Red”. This lipstick is a smooth glide lipstick formulated with red floral oil and grape oil which helps lips feel moisturized and comfortable while you wear it.

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Rouge Allure L’extrait High-Intensity Lip Color

Another top deep red pick with a satin finish is this rouge allure l’extrait high-intensity lip color from Chanel. This lipstick is proven to be long-wearing, and has been tested to last for up to 8 hours! If you’re fair-skinned like me, I recommend grabbing this one in shade 858 for the perfect shade with cool undertones that will compliment your complexion.

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Color Block High Impact Lipstick

The bright red shade of this color block high-impact lipstick from ILIA is appropriately called “Flame”, and I’m so here for it! There’s no doubt that this lipstick is bold, giving you the classic cherry red look in just one swipe. This lipstick is long-wearing and hydrating, and it also provides full coverage since it is highly pigmented. One of my favorite things about this lipstick is the brand itself – ILIA is a clean makeup brand that you can feel good about using, especially if you have sensitive skin and lips!

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Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Ultra Wear Lip Colour

This liquid lipstick from Chanel is ultra-saturated and delivers full coverage and long-wearing color. When applying, there are two parts. First, you’ll apply the base color – it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. Then you’ll apply a glossy high-shine top coat to seal in the color and hydrate your lips. The combination of the base color and the glossy top coat creates a stunning ruby-red lipstick look that lasts for hours. This liquid lipstick comes in several colors and a few different shades of red, but I personally love this one in shade 47, “Daring Red”.

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Matte Revolution Hydrating Lipstick

This matte revolution hydrating lipstick is a Charlotte Tilbury favorite for so many. There are several shades to love, but is there anything better than this shade called Hollywood Vixen? It’s one of those classic, bright, blue-based reds for just the right red lip look for fair skin tones. This lipstick does have a matte finish, but the level of hydration will surprise you! If you’re looking for a flashy red, this is the perfect shade to achieve that stand-out look.

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Signature Lip Lightweight Matte Lipstick

If you’re someone who leans towards warm reds, this lightweight soft matte lipstick from Merit in the shade Vermillion is a great option! The color is described as exactly that – a warm red that will keep your lips hydrated. This lipstick has hyaluronic acid in it, which visibly plumps your lips and locks in moisture. It’s also made with sesame seed extract that smooths and conditions your lips to keep them comfortable while wearing. Merit is a brand that I’ve started to love more and more, and I especially love that they are a clean beauty brand. This lipstick is certainly worth a try!

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Red lipstick favorites

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There you have it – a round-up of my top ten red lipsticks for pale skin! If you are fair-skinned like me, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that shades of red aren’t for you. After lots of trial and error, I was able to find that several lipsticks certainly worked for my skin tone, and I know you will find your favorites, too. I hope this list helps you narrow down your search and find your new go-to red lip that you fall in love with.

Do you have a favorite red lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!



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