Move over Emerald, because the new color of the year is here! Radiant Orchid is a beautiful soft pink- purple color, and I am excited to start incorporating it into my looks ASAP. It’s definitely much easier to add into your beauty routine (I mean how wearable is emerald blush and lipstick?). Here are some of my picks.

WARDROBE: This is the most dramatic way to add radiant orchid into your look, because it’s definitely the largest pop of color. If you’re not scared of a little color, go for it!

 1. I have way too many love tunic tops. This one from Old Navy is as cute as it is affordable. Use    code ONSAVENOW for 15% off Link!

2. If you’re really loving this color and know you’ll wear it for years to come, go for a blazer or jacket. I love this one from ASOS (no link available)

ACCESSORIES: This is probably the safest way to add color into your looks (and probably my personal favorite- I LOVE accessories). 

3. It’s no secret I love animal print and scarves, so this mix will probably land in my closet soon Link! I’m also loving this similar and less expensive) version from Zara (Link!)

4. Statement necklaces were all the rage in 2013, and they will still be seen everywhere this year too (because they are awesome). BaubleBar always delivers when it comes to jewelry, and I’m sure as the year goes they will have more choices in this color. Link!

5. Lately I have been grabbing for my smaller cross body bags way more than my larger ones. They are just so much easier to wear! This one from Tory Burch is a wallet on a chain, so it saves space inside from a bulky wallet. Link! 

6. I’ve been loving the look of a bright shoe, and this one from ShoeMint is perfect for 2014. If you’re a first time user, they always have a coupon code (right now its 40% off your first purchase!). Link! 

BEAUTY: It won’t be hard to add this gorgeous candy color into your everyday beauty routine. Wear it on your eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails!

7.  I’ve been loving these Sephora Formula X nail polishes because I love the look from a gel manicure but I don’t like the removal involved. These polishes give you that “bubbly” look, but can easily be removed with regular remover and won’t peel your nails. Orchid pink is the perfect work appropriate color to sport on your nails all year.  Link!

8 & 9. I used to buy fun bright lipsticks, but they would just collect dust in my collection (I blame my love for chap stick). Lately, however, I’ve been wearing brighter colors everyday. Now I feel weird without a little color on my lips! Link!  (9)

10. Benefit has always been one of everyones’ favorite beauty brands (and everyone knows it’s largely because of their cute packaging- however the products are great too..). They just launched their new Lollitint, and it’s the perfect candy- orchid color to add to your cheeks and/or lips. Link!

Amanda xo

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