I’ve been recently introduced to the preloved handbag market and I have to say, it’s been a whole new world! I’m so drawn to the vintage Chanel classics. Something about the worn in lambskin leather and gold plated hardware is so timeless, and you can only get that look buying preloved. Today, I wanted to share my top tips to consider before buying preloved handbags.

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preloved vintage Chanel

Before we jump into tips to buying preloved handbags, I wanted to share why you should consider them first!


save money

Designers typically increase their prices annually to keep up with demand. Going the preloved route will typically save you a good chunk of change depending on the style you’re looking for. Very rare handbags are an exception to that rule, where people will often pay above retail value to get the bag.

For example, this Chanel Classic Double Flap is new with tags, box, dustbag, and authenticity card but retails $450 under retail value, not including sales tax.

better resale value

Investing in the right designer bag often has a great return, so I always like to consider the resell value in case down the road I decide to sell it. When you buy a classic handbag brand new, it takes a few years for the value of the handbag to equal close to what you initially paid for it. Buying preloved often cuts that time down.

environmentally friendly

Buying preloved items creates a circular economy, alleviating the impact on the environment.

unique styles you can’t get anywhere else

The preloved market is where you can find styles that are sold out in-store. This is especially true when it comes to Chanel handbags, where their demand is so high there’s a long waiting list for their bags. My favorite thing about my vintage Chanel handbag is that I’ve never seen it on anyone else. It just feels extra special because of that.

less fear when wearing it

When you invest in a new designer bag, it’s normal to have a little fear of messing it up when wearing it (think scratches at the hardware, if it rains, etc). Going the preloved route makes them already feel broken in so you can actually enjoy using them. My vintage Chanel handbag is from 1994-1996. The fact that it’s lasted this long and still looks this fabulous made me confident in the purchase but also less scared to carry it.

I would love to own a lambskin Chanel handbag one day, but I know if I bought it brand new I would never carry it because the leather is so delicate. Whenever I do decide to get one, I’m definitely going the preloved route. I just adore the vintage look of these handbags, even more than how they look brand new.

Now, let’s chat about important things to consider when buying preloved handbags.

tips for buying preloved

only shop on authenticated sites

Let me repeat that, ONLY shop on trusted websites. Counterfeit goods can look just like the real thing, especially online, and you don’t want to spend money on a designer bag and question whether or not it’s authentic. On eBay, you can shop 100% authenticated handbags, jewelry, and watches where everything listed is expert-verified and guaranteed authentic. To make sure you’re shopping authentic bags on eBay, look for the red “authenticity verified” label under the price or browse those selections here.

Read the descriptions carefully

Read the description carefully and see if the price reflects accordingly. Of course, you are buying a preloved bag so don’t expect perfection. I always use the zoom tool to lookup close at the corners and hardware as well!

If you can, try on the style in store

I know not everyone has the option to do this, but if you can, try out the style in store. Especially if you’re looking at shoes! I’m looking for a new in box pair of Chanel ballet flats on eBay. I went ahead and tried them on over the weekend to make sure they will fit so that when I do see my size listed I don’t have to second guess the fit or style.

Check the return policy

If you can’t try on the item or see it in person, double-check the return policy. I’ve noticed more eBay sellers have a generous return policy in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations when you receive it.


The eBay website is very extensive, so I wanted to share a few tips on the best way to navigate that as well! Be sure you’re browsing the Authenticate selections (here) or select Authenticity Verified on the left sidebar when you search. Start narrowing down your search if you know what you’re looking for. On the left sidebar, you can select the designer, condition, color, style, and material. If you don’t know what style you’re looking for and just want to browse, you can also narrow the search down based on the item location, return policy, and shipping options as well. You can try to get a deal on a handbag by making an offer, or you can buy it now to get it before anyone else does.

* * *

If you’re shopping for a designer handbag, I highly recommend browsing the preloved market first. I linked my look for less + favorite preloved handbags available eBay!

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