My Very First Time Saving Mom Hack

It’s hard to believe that sweet little Josie is already here! What’s even harder to believe is that we are coming up on her two week birth date which also happens to be her due date. I’ve received so many sweet comments asking me my secret to doing it all with a newborn. The truth is, I’m for sure not doing it all! But I am really glad to have an amazing support system, to be able to work from home and have convenient subscriptions services like Walmart+ to help with everything in between.

If I’m being honest, life with a newborn looks a lot like me staying in my robe all day and snacking on nursing cookies. I officially live my life in two to three hour increments and while it’s been an adjustment, we feel so beyond blessed to have our healthy baby girl in ours arms. But because we are limited on sleep and still in the phase where we are figuring things out, we’re all about things that save us time, energy and money. Walmart+ does exactly that. It’s safe to say that my very first time saving mom hack is a Walmart+ membership.

My Very First Time Saving Mom Hack

When we got home from the hospital, the first thing we did was place a Walmart+ order! We picked up extra diapers, wipes, and a few other necessities for baby J (and me postpartum). Luckily we already had most of what we needed. I chatted about how I was nesting for weeks leading up to my delivery in this post. But there were a few things that we needed and a trip to the store didn’t sound like a good idea with a fresh baby. Instead, I was able to place my order and everything showed up less than 48 hours later!

As I mentioned before, Tim and our family has been the biggest support system. My mom popped over to help us the first day home and brought over the most amazing nursing cookies. If you’re expecting or are in the season of life where you’re nursing, these are a must-try. I’ve included the recipe for you below. You can order everything through Walmart+ and have yourself, your very own nursing cookies! And if you come across anything else cute (see my most recent Walmart try on haul here, throw it in that cart and don’t look back. After all, you’re a mama and you deserve it.

Nursing Cookie Recipe

My mom was sweet enough to make this delicious nursing cookie recipe for me. I can already tell such a difference in my supply. It’s a bonus that they are seriously addictive. She found this recipe HERE. It’s recommended in the recipe that you don’t substitute the brewer’s yeast, as that is essential to the cookies working their magic. The recipe calls for 3 TBS of brewers yeast, but you can add a little more if you’re hoping to really get things going, if you know what I mean. Enjoy!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post!

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