I think I may have found my favorite Walmart find to date! I’ve shared an early sneak peek of this on Instagram stories and y’all were huge fans, too! This rose-colored dress has the prettiest sparkle when the rose gold dots hit the light. Not to mention, it’s actually very comfortable. The day after I shared it on stories, I ended up working on my computer for hours while wearing it!

Also, if you’re looking for more Walmart outfits and finds, I have a lot more where that came from here!

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I paired it with these rose gold heels, which were honestly much more intimidating to me than they actually were. I’m not really a heel girl..even though I try to be, ha! But when I put these on I was able to power walk around in them without any issues! I think because the straps across the foot feel very supportive and at the same time, you don’t get any discomfort in the toe box since it’s nice and open.


If you’re looking for affordable holiday pieces to wear this month, here are a few other favorites I came across at Walmart.

I always shop online for all my Walmart finds because they have the biggest selection online and shipping is free on orders over $35. Just double-check your item is shipped and sold by Walmart.com to make sure shipping and returns are free if necessary! I only share items that are shipped by Walmart, but if you want to venture out of your own just be sure to double-check it before checkout!

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Thank you again to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post! As a Walmart brand ambassador, I bring you my favorite Walmart looks every month and each piece is selected, purchased, and styled by me.



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