Fashionable blankets Maxi dresses have always been a fashion favorite for me this time of year. I have a handful of them, so I’ve been trying to limit purchasing more (maybe my Mom’s finally getting through me…) However, as soon as I found this in store I knew it had to be mine. I just love the right blue color, embroidered details on the top, and flair bottom. 

I found it at Dress Up, right before we had that random cold/rainy week about 3 weeks ago in Atlanta.. so it’s been patiently waiting in the closet for its debut–this past Sunday for church and a birthday lunch.

This is also the day I used up my Tory Burch coupon, so it was definitely a happy Sunday! I threw on a cardigan for Church to keep it classy. And yes, this was also my debut wearing Bellami extensions 😉 Post on that is still in the works!

Speaking of that birthday lunch, check out this nitrogen martini from the restaurant Elevation! I’m not sure how I feel about eating (drinking?) one of these, but they’re definitely fun in virgin form for the young ones! 



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