For Valentines weekend Tim took some time off to visit me in Savannah. Before our dinner date on Friday we ran to the dock to shoot some photos and just made it at sunset. We ate a Cha Bella, a farm to table restaurant I’ve heard a lot about. Luckily it wasn’t very crowded, but I was sad they had the limited Valentine’s weekend menu… give me the full experience! Afterward, we walked over to LuLu’s Chocolate Bar because it’s basically I crime I haven’t been there yet in my almost two years of being down here. We splurged on some white chocolate chip cheesecake, excuse me while I daydream about every bite. 

Saturday we spent the day downtown with friends and dragged the boys shopping. That evening we went to see American Sniper then picked up a Papa Johns pizza for dinner (pizza is my forever weakness). Sadly, it wasn’t in the shape of a heart, but it was still delicious nonetheless. 

As for my outfit details, I’ve had this blazer for a while now but have only worn it a few times (red isn’t usually my first color choice). I used the holiday as an excuse and paired it with a neutral top and my favorite jeans. Both it and the top are from Francescas, while my watch and necklace are a throwback to my retail days at Coach. I’ve put together similar options in the widget below!

PS: excuse the out of control baby hairs. I’m hoping my hair is finally thickening….


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