Have you ever been in search of the perfect work flat? Well I’m here to tell you I found one that’s classic, stylish and oh so comfortable. The Gucci loafer is one of the best flats I’ve ever worn, not just because of the quality but the versatility too. I’ve loved them for years, and enjoy styling different looks with them. I also have a budget-friendly, lookalike that’s also classic and has the same comfort as the Gucci option. Today, I’m sharing how to style Gucci loafers and a variety of other look-for-less options.

How to Style Gucci Loafers

About the Gucci Loafer

The Gucci loafer is constructed like you would expect a designer shoe to be made. It’s made of leather with a leather sole, and made in Italy. It has a slim shape and a .5″ heel.

Though I love the Gucci loafer, I equally like the Gucci mule shown in the above picture. I’ll be sharing ways to style the mule, and budget-friendly options for that one as well.

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How to Care for the Gucci Loafer

It’s recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight and water to make them last longer. To clean them, simply take a dry cloth or brush to wipe away any debris. Gucci recommends filling each shoe with tissue paper when storing them and put them in their provided flannel bag and box.

Look-for-Less Options

Earlier I mentioned that I have a great look-for-less option that’s just as comfortable as the Gucci loafer. Drum roll please – the Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafer! If I was going back to working full time as a PT, I would definitely keep these in my shoe rotation, and save the Gucci ones for occasions outside of work. The Sam Edelman loafers come in a variety of colors/patterns and run true to size.

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Styled Casually

With Faux Leather Leggings

how to style gucci loafers
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Faux leather leggings are one of my closet essential items for fall and winter clothing, and love pairing my Gucci loafers or mules with them. Finish the look with a tunic-style sweater or t-shirt for the perfect look to run errands or grab brunch or lunch.

With Straight Leg Jeans

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Another great everyday outfit to pair your Gucci loafers with is a straight jean and blouse. As spring approaches, this is a great example of a go-to outfit that doesn’t take much thought to put together. These straight leg jeans are one of my favorites because of their fit. If you’re ever in need of a pretty, feminine top, ASTR the Label at Nordstrom usually has some beautiful options to choose from.

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Here’s another example of styling Gucci loafers with straight jeans with a more casual vibe. This ruffle-detail sweatshirt pairs well with denim jeans, joggers and sweatpants. I opted for a non-distressed pair of jeans with this look.

With a Midi Skirt

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A midi skirt is another option to style with your loafers. This animal print is a great to wear throughout the fall and winter. I paired a simple v-neck tunic with the look and knotted it, so it hits right at the top of the skirt. Add a blazer for a chic workwear look.

With Ankle Pants

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These are one of my favorite ankle pants to wear casually and to work. Their comfortable and come in a variety of colors and patterns. I styled them with a plaid tunic for a weekend look. They run true to size and are at a great price point. Here I paired the Sam Edelman loafers with the outfit.

Styled for Workwear

With Faux Leather Pants

how to style gucci loafers
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These faux leather pants are a great alternative to your traditional trouser for workwear. They pair well with the loafer or mule, and come in a variety of colors and lengths. For a more business professional look, trade the coat for a blazer or a feminine top.

With a Business Casual Look

how to style gucci loafers
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This color palette has me so excited for spring. I think a pastel trouser is beautiful to style for workwear with a gray, cream, white, taupe or even black top. Pair the look with a mule or loafer for a sophisticated workwear option.

With a Business Professional Look

how to style gucci loafers
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Every single item in the above collage are examples of workwear staples: blazer, white button-up, neutral trouser and neutral flat. Finish the look with a classic handbag for a business professional look. For a pop of color, you can add a colored blouse or bodysuit instead of the white button up.

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What’s your favorite way to style a loafer or mule? Let me know in the comments below!

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