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As you might have seen in one of my house decor updates, I buy a good amount of house-related items from HomeGoods. I’ve been shopping there regularly since last fall when I got married. Up until that point, I really didn’t care about home purchases. Now, it’s funny because I shop for my home more than I do my closet! I wanted to share all of my tips and tricks on how to score the best stuff at HomeGoods.

Visit HomeGoods on a Week Day

Typically, I go to HomeGoods after work on Tuesday or Thursday, or first thing Saturday morning. Weekend trips aren’t my favorite because of the crowds, lines, and mess in the store.  I’ve found that right before the weekend on Thursday the store seems stocked up and more organized. You can also ask an associate when they get new shipments or when the best time to shop is.

Go to HomeGoods Right When They Open

If you’re going on a weekend especially, go to HomeGoods as soon as they open. This is when you can shop the store when it’s the most organized and stocked up. I hate when I walk in and see a lot of good pieces in the holding area that I could have purchased if I got there earlier.

Travel to a Few Different HomeGoods Locations

If you have a few locations around you, try them all. Not all HomeGoods are the same! I’ve noticed that some locations are better in chairs and furniture while others are better for office and kitchen items. I think my favorite HomeGoods are the locations inside T.J. Maxx stores because they seem fuller and I can also check out the shoes ;).

Walk Down All The Aisles

I always find some of my favorite knick-knacks randomly placed in an aisle it doesn’t belong to. Think of how many times you put things in your cart and then you talk yourself out of them. Or the line is too long to check out and you put them back. It’s worth the extra time to travel through each aisle when you visit. The same goes for the checkout aisles, keep your eyes peeled walking to the checkout, too!

Don’t Focus on Finding Specific Items

Of course, if you need a lamp then travel through the lamp section; however, don’t just go there and leave after not finding one you want. I find my favorite items when I don’t have any specific items in mind. That’s the beauty of HomeGoods, you never know what you’re going to find there.

Buy Now, Decide Later

Don’t think you can come back for an item if you change your mind. The chance of you finding the item again is pretty slim to none. If you think you may want it, go ahead and buy and it and see how you like it in your home. You have 30 days to decide if you want to take it back for a refund. Case in point, I bought a rug from HomeGoods and I was initially hesitant if it would work in our home, especially since rugs aren’t cheap!  I brought it home anyway and it looks completely different in our home than it did hanging up in the store. I’m so happy I tried it!

Discount on Slightly Damaged Items

Items in HomeGoods are a ticking time bomb to get dinned and scratched. If you fall in long with a piece and it’s slightly damaged, don’t be scared to ask for a better price from an associate. It may be a quick fix or something you can live with and you’ll get a great deal on it. Also, keep an open mind and consider giving those slightly damaged items a DIY makeover. You can always paint, add marble contact paper, or distress the rest of the piece to give it an update. I’ve also heard prices at HomeGoods are negotiable, but I’ve never had the courage to ask a manager if they’ll give me a better deal.

Shop Seasonal Items Early

Just because you’re not in the holiday spirit doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t. The holiday items go FAST at HomeGoods.

Consider a Rewards Credit Card

I’m not a huge fan of credit cards, but if you’re going to be a TJ Maxx / HomeGoods regular you may want to consider getting a credit card. I signed up when I purchased our dining room chairs. I decided to open the account to get a % off my purchase. I knew I would have a lot of home-related purchases ahead of me as a newlywed moving out of my parents’ house for the first time. You get $10 back in TJ rewards for every $200 you spend. It helps make those bigger purchases such as a rug, a new chair, or a table you really want to splurge on. Plus, you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted.


I hope you find these tips helpful when planning your next trip to HomeGoods! Whats the best thing you ever scored there?

xo Amanda John


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