madewell-top-strawberry-chic, Gingham Tie-Waist TopGingham Tie-Waist Top, madewell-gingham-top-strawberry-chicGingham Tie-Waist Top, madewell-gingham-top, strawberrychic Gingham Tie-Waist Top Gingham-Tie-Waist-Top, madewell-top-strawberry-chic Gingham-Tie-Waist-Top, madewell-top-strawberry-chicGingham-Tie-Waist-Top, madewell-top-strawberry-chic Gingham-Tie-Waist-Top, madewell-top-strawberry-chic Gingham-Tie-Waist-Top, madewell-top-strawberry-chic Gingham-Tie-Waist-Top, madewell-top-strawberry-chic

Light blue gingham print is my favorite pattern for summertime, but it’s harder to find compared to the traditional black and white print. So when I find it, I always snatch it up! Especially when this gingham top came with a little tie at the waist. I also recently purchased a swimsuit (under $20) in the print as well. I went to the mall over the weekend to finish some outfits for an upcoming trip and came home with some exciting new pieces. It’s been months since I’ve had such success while shopping! Normally when I desperately need something, I can never find anything… anyone else?? I updated my recent purchase tab so you can get a peek at my shopping trip.

I actually rarely venture into Madewell because I always thought the price was over my budget; however, I’m not sure if they recently changed that because I found good basics at a price point that made my wallet happy. If you love this look, you may also like this Gingham Tie Waist Top, also from Madewell.
What do you think of this Gingham Tie Waist Top?
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