Fall is the perfect time of year to schedule your annual family photo session. The weather is usually mild, and the leaves are changing, making a beautiful background for your pictures. I’m sharing a few fall family photo outfit ideas. Plus some tricks and tips to consider when choosing outfits for each family member.

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Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas

It can be stressful enough trying to get yourself looking your best, plus getting the rest of your family ready for a fall family picture session. Then, layer on trying to get everyone to smile and not melt down before you get the shot is a whole other thing. So hopefully this post will take the outfit-choosing out of the hard-to-do equation of prepping for family photos.

fall family photo outfit ideas with amanda's family

Tips for Picking the Perfect Family Photo Outfits

Choose One Dominate Color

When you’re beginning to plan your outfits, choose one dominant color with two to three accent fall colors. Then, you can center your outfit pieces around that particular color and coordinate with small pieces using the accent fall color palettes.

Consider the Location

Next, you want to consider the location. What’s the backdrop going to be like? Will it feature the fall leaves? Is it the ocean? Or is there lots of wooded areas around with green leaves? Your outfits should pop against the backdrop, but not clash either. For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to wear baby blues against the backdrop of fall foliage. So consider the location and time of year when choosing your outfits for family photos.

Start with Your Outfit

I like to choose my outfit first. Then, build in coordinating colors from there with each of your family’s outfits. If the pictures are for your little girl or boy’s 1st birthday or some other special occasion that has to do with a certain family member, then pick their outfit first and build everyone else’s outfit around that.

Avoid Black

I know black is slimming and comfortable to wear, but every photographer I’ve worked with told me to avoid wearing this color. It shows every piece of lint, pet hair, your hair, etc., and doesn’t photograph as well as lighter colors.

Coordinate But Don’t Match

If ever there was a time to say, “Don’t be too matchy, matchy” this is the time. You want to coordinate but don’t feel like you have to match. The key is to distinguish each person’s outfit in the photo. It’s especially important when you’re standing close to one another in a photo with no space in between your outfits. Try to mix and match colors and patterns.

Layer In Textures

Layering in different textures is an easy way to add interest and dimension to each person’s outfit. For instance, if your dress was linen and your daughter’s dress was cotton, but similar in color that would still work well in the photo because of the different textures. You can also add a scarf or chunky sweater to your look in the fall to add more texture.

Choose Muted Colors

You want to choose muted colors so that your family’s face is the focus of the picture. Avoid wearing colors that are bold and bright because they can be distracting to look at in a photo. It is okay to add a small pop of color with your accessories though.

Outfit Themes

Below are three color ideas you can choose for your family photos. Of course, you can have other color themes. But these are great options to go with a variety of backdrops.

Fall florals theme
Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas
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This floral option includes pops of pink without being over the top. The mom’s dress includes a pattern, so the rest of the outfits are solid colors to avoid the overall look being too busy. The texture of the little girl’s dress and little boy’s set also add great dimension to this outfit idea roundup. Not only is this a beautiful family outfit idea, but it also showcases how to incorporate patterns and play with textures in a tasteful and understated way.

Cream Theme
Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas cream theme
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This muted cream theme would make a great outfit idea for the beach. Here the mom has a beautiful cream wrap sweater dress, and the rest of the outfits are coordinating colors. Once you choose your outfit, then you can start pulling colors to coordinate with the rest of your family members. I love the subtle colors in the boy’s plaid shirt that pair perfectly with the cream tones creating a cohesive and fashionable family look.

Rust Theme
Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas rust theme
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A warm rust theme is the perfect color combo for fall foliage in the background. This time Mom is in a printed midi dress while the girl has a solid sweater dress. The color detail of the little boy’s corduroy shirt as well as the dad’s chino pants is also fitting for this theme.

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Are you getting a fall family photo session done this year? If so, have you chosen your outfits yet? Let me know in the comments what you plan to wear for fall family photos!



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