I thought about trying eyelash extensions for years, but I always chickened out. Financially, it seemed intimidating, plus I have heard and seen the horror stories of bad reactions and your eyelashes breaking and falling out. More on all that later.

At the end of 2018, I was so sick of gluing on strip lashes every weekend for videos. I dreaded getting ready to make content in all honestly because it seemed to take forever. I finally decided I just needed to see for myself what eyelash extensions were all about. Everyone I knew who had them raved about them.

The most important thing you can do is research the lash artist in your area. Read reviews, ask about their experience, look at their work on Instagram, and don’t try to find the cheapest rate. Typically, the price reflects the experience of the lash artist, and when it comes to your eyes you want someone who knows what they’re doing.

Things I wish I knew before getting lash extensions

I watched a lot of Youtube videos and read a lot of reviews to get an idea on what to expect, but honestly, I don’t think they were really helpful. Everyone talked about how amazing they were, but didn’t really tell me what to actually expect. Here is what I wish they told me!

  • Eyelashes will get crazy. Some will flip upside down and go the wrong direction, some will get caught under your bottom lash line. It’s best to keep a lash spoolie on you to fix any weirdos while you’re out lol
  • Your eyelashes will actually kind of flap in the wind and it’s a really weird sensation. This is random, but I would have liked a heads up.. haha.
  • The lash artist will tape your bottom lash line out of the way to have a clean surface to work on. This definitely took some getting used to.
  • You need to keep your eyelashes closed shut the whole time. If you open them even slightly, the fumes will most likely burn your eyes and cause redness. This redness should be very temporary.
  • It’s harder to put on eyeliner. Make sure to wear one that glides smoothly so it doesn’t tug on your lashes. This is my personal favorite, especially for a winged look. I prefer the brown shade with my fair complexion. But I will say it’s much harder to do a winged line with lashes in the way.
  • There are so many looks you can achieve with lash extensions depending on the type of lashes you ask for. I had no idea what to ask for when I went in the first time. I would look through your lash artist Instagram page and save looks you like. Because I’ve worn different strip lashes, I knew I wanted more length in the center to open up my eyes instead of a cat eye shape.
  • It’s natural to lose 5ish lashes a day.

Eyelash Extension Pros

  • You cut your makeup routine in half. Seriously, I thought people were kidding when they said this. I thought… how long do you spend putting on mascara?! But it’s actually true. It saves me a ton of time in the morning! Not only do I skip mascara, but during the week I skip all eye makeup, and it really cuts my morning routine in half.
  • You wake up looking 10x more glamorous
  • You can achieve many different looks depending on what type of lashes you as for.

Eyelash Extensions Cons

  • Your skincare routine will need an adjustment. You can rub your eyes and will have to wash around them. You also want to avoid oil and moisturizers on the eyes. Use oil-free makeup remover if you need to get anything off around the eye.
  • Expense: Beauty treatments are never cheap. You can expect to spend anywhere from $150-$300 depending on your area and the style you want. My first set was $175 for a single lash set and I pay about $100 for a volume refills every 3-4 weeks.
  • Time: It can take 2-3 hours for your first application and just over an hour for refills depending on how long it’s been between appointments. I bring my airpods and like to listen to podcasts during the appointment.
  • I don’t love the feeling of the tape on my eyes during the fills and I also tend to have an achy neck after laying down for my appointment. If you have any neck issues, I would recommend taking breaks to move your neck around!


Eyelash extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

Do eyelash extensions cause damage?

I’m sure there is some wear and tear on the lashes, but I try to be super gentle with mine! I havent had any issues with lashes breaking off and haven’t shed any excess lashes personally. It’s normal to lose natural lashes daily just like your hair. I’ve had really great success with Neulash on my natural lashes in the past, so I have that ready to go when I’m done with last extensions. I will probably start Neulash a few weeks before to jumpstart my natural lash growth.

UPDATE: When I got my lashes off I had very short lashes for a while, so there was definitely some damage done. But it was temporary and my lashes eventually grew back to normal.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

They shouldn’t! If they do, you should contact your lash artist immediately. The first time I remember my eyelid feeling bruised when I closed it the morning after for about 30 minutes, and I read that this can be caused from the pads being placed too close to the eye.

Last extensions are way more comfortable than wearing strip lashes.

Do you see them all the time?

In the sunlight, I can definitely see them. They almost sparkle and reflect the light. I would say you’re more aware of them initially and you just adjust as you get used to them after a few days.

How often do you have to get them filled?

I’m still testing out how long I can go between fills. The first time I got single lash extensions and was ready to get them filled after 3 weeks, but the second and third time I had volume lashes filled in and I can go a little longer between fills. I like to get them really thick in the beginning so as some shed I still like how it looks between fills. My next appointment will be a 4 weeks so I will let you know how they look on stories!

Typically the longer you wait, the more your fills will be because it takes more time. I don’t mind going every three weeks because it ends up being once a month. I don’t dye my hair or visit a nail salon regularly, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting too much time once a month!

How often you want fills depends on your lash cycle, the overall look you’re happy with, and  how well your take care of them.

How do you take care of eyelash extensions?

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • No moisturizers or oils on the eye
  • No mascara
  • Daily brushing (I actually did this with my natural lashes before applying mascara, so it’s not that weird!)
  • Wash them with a soft eye brush and diluted baby shampoo (I usually do this every two or three days)
  • If you wear eyeliner, wear something that glides easily against the lash line. This eyeliner is my favorite!

Are eyelash extensions worth the price?

This is obviously a personal decision. I know I won’t keep them forever, but for now, I’m really happy with them. Growing up with blonde eyelashes it has been so nice to wake up with dark long lashes. I remember watching reviews and rolling my eyes when people said it made getting ready so much quicker. But it really does cut out half of my makeup routine.

What style do you get?

I currently have a mix of lashes because I haven’t got the same thing each fill. My last fill I got 2D lashes, meaning two lashes per one lash for a little extra volume. I still have some single lashes from my first visit, too! I have a D curl, which is the biggest curl because I want them to be seen from the front.  I believe the length ranges from 14 to 11.

* * *

I hope that answers all of your questions about eyelash extensions!

xo Amanda John



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