Hi friends! I’m excited to partner with Colleen Rothschild again this month to share a few changes I’ve made to my skincare routine to combat dry skin. I’ve used her products consistently since meeting her in April, and have received so much positive DM’s from those of you who have tried them yourself! Which makes my heart oh so happy!

I don’t mess around when it comes to my skincare routine anymore. Long are the days when I used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup and called it a day or even worse… I slept in it. Ah, I cringe at that thought. But I’m glad I have invested in my skin this year. If you’ve missed my previous skincare updates, they’re worth looking back on to see the progress! Here are 3 skincare products I recommend adding to your routine by 30, along with a breakdown of when to add a face mask to your routine.

Today, I wanted to share a few recent changes to my routine with the change in season. Heading into Winter, it’s important to change up your typical routine to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. I noticed starting in October, my skin was starting to feel stripped and dry even though it was only beginning to drop in temperatures. I added more hydrating products into my night routine, and my skin’s been hydrated and happy ever since!


Switch up your Cleanser

I noticed after washing my face my skin felt tight. That’s a big NO-NO! That means your cleanser is too drying for your skin, and essentially it can cause peeling or excess oil production depending on the nature of your skin. I switched to just using the Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm at night to remove my makeup and it leaves my skin feeling buttery smooth and hydrated.

HOW TO USE: Use it on dry skin to remove your makeup. I take a dime to nickel sized amount of the product and start with melting by rubbing my fingers together. Then I just massage it all over my face. Take the extra time to give your skin a massage to help increase circulation while you’re at it. Then, I take the cloth it comes with and I wipe it off with warm water. To make sure there’s nothing left behind, I take a clean white washcloth again with warm water and gently exfoliate my skin until the cloth is completely clean. I do this every day, and you’d be shocked to see what’s left behind even after double cleansing!


Add a face oil

The Face Oil #9 is one of my holy grail face products. I’ve tried so many different face oils and always come back to this one. It’s not sticky, blends in like a literal dream, and I love the easy pump. Trust me, this is the best face oil on the market! It’s called #9 because it combines 9 oils to provide the best combination of hydrating oils for your skin.

HOW TO USE: You can use this mixed in with your face moisturizer, add it on top of the moisturizer to lock it in, or even add it into your body lotion or hand creams for extra moisture. Such a multi-use product that you’ll get a lot of use out of this Winter. If you’re using the retinol oil I shared before, you can alternate nights with the face oil + moisturizer.

Amp up the moisturizer

I’ve used the sheer renewal cream day and night all Summer, but with the change in temps, I needed to add in something a little more hydrating. I started using the extreme recovery cream every other night and it’s thicker but at the same time not super heavy. I was a little nervous it would be too heavy and break me out, but that hasn’t been the case! My skin drinks this up through the night and it looks healthy and hydrated the next morning.

Right now, Colleen Rothschild is having 30% off until 11/30 with code BF2019.

I plan to pick up this Intense Hydrating Mask that I’ve heard amazing things about, along with two bottles of hand cream to hopefully get them through Winter. My hands get so dry with constantly washing them at work! Now that I think of it, the hand cream would be a great stocking stuffer!

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Thanks again to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring today’s post. And thank you for supporting the brands I love xoxo 



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