Over the weekend I opened up about my struggle with adult acne over the last year and a half after going off birth control. Since Winter last year it’s been a journey to get my skin back to normal, but I’m finally in a place where my skincare routine is actually getting me there. Today, I’m sharing three products that have made the biggest difference to my skin this year.

Back in April I started using the Mandelic acid serum from Colleen Rothschild. Since then I’ve slowly grown my routine with her products.. I keep going back because I see real results. I pick up a product or two during a sale and have grown my current skincare routine with quality products. And thanks to these products, today I’m proud of the skin I’m in. I have sensitive acne-prone skin, and the reason I love Colleen Rothschild skincare is because her products deliver effective results without irritating my skin. I also love that her products aren’t formulated with harmful, toxic ingredients.

It just so happens there is currently a promotion for 25% off Colleen Rothschild best sellers with code BEST25. It’s the perfect time to test out three of my favorite products that have made a huge difference in my post-acne hyperpigmentation.

Retinol Night Oil

If you’re looking for the MVP of my skincare routine, it’s the Colleen Rothschild Retinol Night Oil. It’s my favorite product because it tackles so many skin issues. I hate when I feel like I have to pick and choose between addressing acne, anti-aging, texture, sun damage, large pores, or hyperpigmentation with the products I add into my routine. Well, this product right here addresses them all and some!

The Retinol Night Oil has stable retinol to promote cell turnover (aka give you smooth, youthful skin), Vitamin C to even skin tone and fight environmental toxins, and plant-based oils to counteract the drying effects of retinol. Retinol is the most effective skincare ingredient you can add to your routine to ward off the effects of aging. It can prevent the signs of aging, but also reverse them.

I avoided adding retinol to my routine because I’ve been warned of the side effects: redness, peeling, burning, etc. The reason I love this one over others is because it’s moisturizing and won’t dry out or irritate the skin. I only wish I started using this product sooner.

how to use: I apply one pump to my face and neck every other night, alternating nightly with the Mandelic Acid Serum. I apply any leftover product to the tops of my hands. Retinol breaks down in the sun so you only use it at night and use SPF during the day. I also store mine in a drawer or counter away from sunlight. It’s not safe to use retinol products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

retinol supreme eye serum

At the same time I added the retinol night oil to my routine, I started using the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum. I realized how neglected my under eye area was, especially midday when my concealer started caking at work. Your eyes are the first place to show aging, so I wanted to start doing what I can to keep this area hydrated and youthful.

This product has a similar retinol + vitamin C combination and increases your skin moisture up to 6000% within 28 days of use. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in the fine lines on the outer corner of my eye since adding this in, but the biggest change I noticed was my concealer no longer cakes up. I say that as I look in the mirror after a full day at work and my undereye is still looking fresh. I didn’t know what my eye area was missing until I started using this consistently.

how to use: I dab one pump between my ring fingers then lightly tap it around the bone area of my eye. Your ring finger has the most gentle touch for your delicate eye area.

Vitamin C treatment complex

I added the Vitamin C Treatment Complex to my morning routine specifically to target my hyperpigmentation. You can see that in all it’s glory, here. I’ve tried other Vitamin C serums and I love this one over others because it’s not sticky and works well under makeup. Along with addressing brown spots from sun damage, this product also boosts collagen, brightens skin, and adds more radiance. Yes, please!

how to use: I apply a small even layer to my skin after toner and before moisturizer in the morning.

* * *

PROMOTION: 25% off Colleen Rothschild Best Sellers with code BEST25

I think anyone over the age of 25 can benefit from these products. It’s never too early start anti-aging, but they also address multiple skin concerns of mine like hyperpigmentation, pore size, sun damage, and redness. I wish I started using this routine years ago!

Have you added in Retinol and Vitamin C to your skincare routine? What are your favorite skincare products?

xo Amanda John

Thank you to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring today’s post



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