If you’ve been on the hunt for a designer bag that won’t cost you thousands of dollars, then you might want to look into a Chloe Tote. It’s practical, functional and has a classic style that can be paired with a variety of outfits from dressy to casual. To get all the deets on this bag, then keep reading for my Chloe Medium Woody Tote review. I dive deep, so you know the ins and outs of this bag and see if it’s right for you!

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About the Chloe Medium Woody Tote


I purchased this bag last year. When I saw this light brown color (biscotti beige), I immediately jumped on it. The colors work with my wardrobe perfectly.

This particular design comes in several other color variations along with other fabrics like suede and wool cashmere. It has a slightly longer drop length compared to the large tote. It has one large main compartment and a small hidden zipper compartment. Here are the stats on the medium tote bag:

  • Width: 14.6″
  • Height: 10.2″
  • Depth: 4.7″
  • Strap drop: 8.7″

In addition to the medium size, Chloe also makes the same tote design in a mini, small and large-sized tote. So depending on what size bag you’re looking for, you may want to look at each of them to determine which one fits your lifestyle better.

The medium tote is a great size for a larger bag option. It’s great to carry for travel, to the beach, as a work bag, makeshift diaper bag, or for other instances where you’re needing to carry a little more than usual. I chose the medium size because while it still fits a lot, it’s not too overwhelming on my 5’5″ frame and won’t get too heavy for daily use.

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What Fits Inside my Woody Tote Bag


If I’m comparing this tote bag to others in my collection, like the LV Neverfull, it doesn’t hold as many items because it’s not as wide. But I do find the medium size fits everything I personally need to carry for daily use and would still work for a smaller travel tote. I’ve carried it with and without the tote bag organizer (large). While I can fit more inside without it, I do prefer to use it if I have the room. It gives the bag more structure to stand on its own and also protects the inside fabric.

I can easily fit my 13 inch MacBook pro inside as well as my planner, but both with the tote organizer is a tight fit. If I needed to bring my computer charger with me, I would opt to remove the insert for extra room. I would be careful if your laptop is inside because the bag can tip over due to the weight distribution, but I usually find that’s the case with all my tote bags.

In my recent YouTube video, I talked about what’s in my Chloe Medium Woody Tote bag, and just goes to show what stage of life I’m in – #momlife. But it really is a great option for a makeshift diaper bag, especially if you’re just headed out to dinner or somewhere quick. You can keep all the baby essentials, and your essentials in one bag, yet still feel put together and chic.

Here’s what I have in there on the weekend:

How to Style the Chloe Tote

Trendy Night Out Look

Chloe Medium Woody Tote Review


One of the things I love most about the Chloe tote is that it pairs well with dressy and casual looks. I like pairing the tote with mostly neutral colors. This is a fun look to wear to dinner. I paired these elastic waistband, faux-leather shorts with a neutral sweater. It’s a comfortable outfit and incorporates just enough trend for my style.

Weekend Brunch Look


This combo really shows how well the bag dresses up and down for the office or for casual weekend outings. For a more casual look, pair the Chloe tote with leggings and a tunic sweater. Here I styled this look for the office and for a casual but elevated weekend look.

Feminine Winter Look

chloe medium woody tote


With this look, we’re kicking up the feminine vibes with this wrap, high-low skirt. I love the variety of fabrics with the flowy material of the skirt, the canvas from the bag and the leather of the boots. It’s a gorgeous combination for wearing to church or to a shower in the winter. In the spring and summer, pair your favorite wedges or flats to complete this look.

Classic Workwear Look

Chloe Medium Woody Tote Review


I know, you’re shocked at me in black! Hey, I wear it sometimes. 🙂 This dress is bump-friendly and a great basic to wear to work or for a night out. I love pairing the brown boots with the black dress, and think the light brown color of the tote ties in really nicely with the colors of this whole look.

Girly Bridal/Baby Shower Look

Chloe Medium Woody Tote Review


This gorgeous tiered dress was an Amazon find, and looks and fits like it came from a boutique. I paired my favorite braided heels to complete this monochromatic look. The tote bag completes the look with the neutral colors and texture from the canvas.

how to style chloe wody tote bag


This is a look that really shows the seasonal versatility of this tote bag. Here I styled it with a classic white dress and sandals that would be cute for a beach getaway.



I wear the tote bag often with dresses, but it definitely works casually with jeans, too. Here I wore it while grabbing lunch with my mom followed by shopping afterward.

Chloe Medium Woody Tote Review


The price point of this designer bag at under $1,200 (some options might be a little over depending on the color and material) is good for the size of the bag. Many bags with designer labels can cost thousands.

Another thing I love about this particular bag is its versatility. Because it’s neutral in color, it can be carried year-round. I mentioned this a few times in the post, but it looks great dressed up or down. Therefore, the price-per-wear is better than if it could only be styled one way or the other.

The purse is also comfortable to carry because of its thicker straps. Because you can fit quite a bit of items in it, it’s nice that the straps are comfortable to wear and carry. The drop length is also not too long to carry it on the nook of your arm. It has leather handles on the shoulder to give it more durability.


One of the things I find disappointing is it doesn’t stand on its own. If you have quite a bit inside with the organizer, it can stand up pretty well. But if there isn’t much in there, then it needs to lean against something to not fall over since it’s tall and narrow. Like I mentioned earlier, I would rest it against something if you’re carrying your laptop inside so it doesn’t fall over.

For security purposes, you’ll have to consider that there’s no closure to keep your items out of sight and/or secure. The overall opening isn’t as wide as most totes so there is a bit more security there, but I would be careful if traveling somewhere.

The fabric also may not be as easy to spot clean on the straps. You’ll need to be careful with color transfer and be cognizant of the elements you carry it in.

If you like shoulder bags with longer drop lengths, this may not be the bag for you. While I don’t have an issue carrying it, I do notice sometimes it’s not as easy to get off and on as my Neverfull since the straps are shorter. This is also noticeable when I’m wearing a thicket coat. I do like to carry bags on my forearm, as shown in a lot of the photos above, and the shorter and thicker strap length is a pro in that sense.

Finally, if you’re big on organization and keeping your bag tidy, you’ll need an external organizational system like a tote organizer.


I’m very happy with my purchase of the Chloe Medium Woody Tote. I think the colors are perfect for year-round use, and love that it can be paired with dressy and casual outfits. The price is more affordable when you consider other high-end designer brands. If you’ve never bought a designer bag, this might be a good one to start with. It’s comfort mixed with its versatility will have me reaching for this bag again and again.

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What are your thoughts on the Chloe Tote? Would you buy this bag? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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