Currently writing this on the plane on our way to Arizona! It’s surreal to be traveling again, but I’m very thankful Tim and I decided to go on a babymoon and spend some quality time relaxing before Baby J gets here. We were going back and forth between driving to Rosemary Beach or flying somewhere, but ultimately decided to head back to Arizona. Tim and I got engaged in Arizona in 2015, so it feels very full circle to be going back for our babymoon.

Babymoon Packing List: What I’m wearing in Arizona

Whats in my carry on

flatlay of carry on bag and essentials for Babymoon Packing List

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Also wanted to pass along some in-flight tips for my fellow pregnant friends who may be traveling soon!

  • Wear compression socks
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get up and walk every 30-40 minutes if possible
  • Empty your bladder every 2 hours (max) to prevent bladder infections
  • Do periodic ankle pumps to help keep blood pumping in your lower leg.
  • Try not to cross your legs (I’m always having to remind myself of this!)
  • Apply Aquaphor to prevent your lips from drying out
babymoon packing list collage of travel must-have items such as fan, headphones, mirror, and power bank

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Packing Essentials

If you have any trips coming up, be sure to browse the travel and vacation boutiques for inspiration on what and how to pack! I also have a recent digital look book featuring over 20 styled outfits for your next Spring vacation.

Travel outfit of the day

pregnant woman wearing a maxi skirt, cardigan, and white rubber shoes
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For the plane ride, I wore this long maxi t-shirt dress and layered with a cardigan that would have been bulkier to pack in my luggage. You never know if you’ll be too warm or cold when traveling, so it’s best to have some layers! I also wore these very comfortable white sneakers, another item that would have been bulkier in my suitcase. This is the pair I kept from my Ultimate White Sneaker Review.

I’ll update this page with any outfit photos I take on the trip, but I am going to try my best to unplug a bit and not stress over getting Instagram worthy content 🙂

Arizona Packing List

In Sedona, the weather is a lot chillier than where we’ll be the second half of the trip in Scottsdale, so thats why you see an odd combination of jackets and dresses 🙂



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