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When we first moved into our home I would visit Home Goods weekly, if not multiple times per week. I was obsessed with decorating our home, even before we officially moved in. All we had starting out as newlyweds was a handed down couch and dining table.

Now that we’ve been in our home for a year this month, I’ve learned that decorating is a process. An expensive process! I slowed down on home purchases this year to focus on my student loans, but now I’m tempted to start decorating again after coming across these pieces online. They are all affordable pieces available from TJ Maxx! My friends are always shocked when I tell them you can shop online. It’s actually my preferred way to browse because there’s no crowds and everything is organized 😉 This is where I buy all my coffee table books, where I found our living room rug, and way too many pillows to count!

If you want to see our empty house tour and the first decor update, they are over on my Youtube channel.
Short but sweet post today, Happy Monday!
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  1. candice wrote:

    These are all super cute

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    Posted 7.24.18 Reply