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Hi Friends! I always notice a few changes in my beauty routine throughout the summer, so today I’m sharing my tips and current favorites to keep you fresh-faced in the summer heat. A good beauty routine starts with a solid skincare routine so you can read all about mine here to get you started!

First things first is finding a good sunscreen. As a fair strawberry blonde, I have been on the search for a sunscreen that doesn’t make you feel sticky/greasy/hair sprayed, or all of the above. I splurged on Coola sunscreen at Ulta after discovering some beauty rewards in my account and I’m happy to report that this smells like a pina colada and leaves your skin feeling moisturized but not greasy at all! In order to save the product, I do use regular lotion sunscreen from the drugstore when I go to the beach/pool because I’ll be gross by the end of the day anyway.

During the summer less is definitely more in my opinion. I tend to reach for tinted lip balms like this one from Anthropologie or my favorite lipgloss in white russian to give my lips a moisturizing finish. Another lip product that I love but ran out of is Fresh tinted lip balm and it also has spf!

Some days I just wear a little concealer under my eyes to brighten up my face. This bottle has lasted me months and I like the consistency better than others I’ve used in the past. It’s pigmented, but not as thick and creamy so I don’t get lines under my eyes throughout the day. I don’t really have dark circles to conceal, so I pick a color one shade lighter than my skin tone to brighten up my eyes.

Up until recently I rarely wore eyeshadow except for a light sparkly shade on my lid; however, lately I’ve loved a bronzy eye to go along with my faux tan and glowing skin 😉 My favorite look is either applying half-baked from the Naked 1 palette or a discontinued MAC pigment in Jardin Aires I picked up from my local Cosmetic Company Outlet. I think the pigment is a little more flattering for my skin tone, but it’s quicker to just use the palette so I’ve used both all summer. I use a mix of the darker shades for eyeliner and blend the light matte shade in naked along my crease.

Neulash isn’t necessarily a summer beauty product, but ever since I purchased it in February I’ve loved it because it actually does work! If you look back on some of my first posts you’ll see it on a wish list, but it wasn’t until this year when I decided to try it for the wedding. You’ll see thicker, fluttery lashes after using it consistently at night for about a month. My mom, friends, and even girls at Sephora have commented on my lashes since using it! I plan to do a full post on it with before/after pictures for those who are interested. My current favorite mascara is this one. I’m a big fan of curling formulas because mine are stick straight and I think they look longer when they’re curled.

I’ve used self tanning products ever since I discovered Jergens Natural Glow in high school. My current favorite is this one from Loving Tan because it last longer than others I’ve tried from Sephora. I use the 2 hour express formula in the shade medium because I’d much rather only need two hours for it to develop instead of sleeping in it over night. I always search for a coupon code to get a freebie along with my order. If you’re interested in a full post on my self tanning routine just let me know!

I’ve repurchased this CC cream three times now (obsessed!) although this time I mixed it up and tried the illumination formula for summertime. I love the finish it gives, but I would recommend to keep a powder in your purse in case you get oily after a few hours. After using this product for a while, I think it’s best when applied with my fingers and you definitely can get away with half a pump to cover your whole face. This highlighter isn’t for you if you’re looking for a subtle glow, but during the summer or for pictures I love it! I also apply it to the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them up.

I’ll be completely honest about this last product, but I probably won’t repurchase this deodorant. It’s not because I don’t love the fresh/powdery scent (Tim has even commented that I smell good when I wear it), but because it doesn’t have the staying power that my cheaper drugstore deodorant does (secret clinical strength).



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