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For just a second I paused before putting on these jeans- are these distressed jeans apro-pro for fall? Then I laughed and said, are there really any rules these days? This pair of white denim is way more comfortable than my other, non-distressed pair, and comfy always wins in my playbook.


I still get just as much wear out of my light white clothing as I do during the warmer months. I think the easiest way to get away with your white jeans is by pairing it with your fall staples- think suede booties or a lightweight sweater.

It was super windy when we were taking these photos, so I was glad I grabbed this scarf to keep me warm. I actually ended up tieing it like so because of the wind and I love how it turned out! It’s from a local boutique, but I’m sure you can get the look with a scarf already in your wardrobe.


As I finish up this post, I’m still hunting down my Cyber Monday picks because I have serious FOMO/ What was your favorite purchase this weekend?


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