This time next week, I will be packing up and heading to the beach with my friends for spring break! The many perks (ok might be an exaggeration) of being a 25 year old still in school..yay for 2.5 more years. [Insert exam countdown here]


Teal Bikini // Floral Bikini // Pink Bottoms // Sunglasses // Donut Float // Towel // Flip Flops // Evian Spray // Sunscreen // Beach Tote // Hat // Technology Wipes

Bikini: I absolutely love this style from Victoria Secret. I decided to try it on just to see what the style was about and I’m glad I did! I always find bathing suits to be so uncomfortable, but this fit and felt similar to wearing a sports bra (which is way more comfortable in my humble opinion). Plus, gotta love the ruffles!

Mirrored Sunglasses: I’m not gonna lie, I feel like a rock star when I’m wearing these glasses. My favorite color combination + aviators.. had to have them! And I think they look even better at the beach.

Donut Float: Well who wouldn’t want to float around in a sprinkled donut?!

Towel: Pretty much a given beach necessity. Doesn’t hurt to lay out on a cute one!

Flip-Flops: Pink and a bow and Tory. Really no further explanation is needed.

Evian Spray: I always bring a hydrating facial spray with me to the beach because it’s always refreshing on my hot skin. Plus, if you happen to get a little too much sun, it’s cooling on the skin and might relieve some of the pain!

Sunscreen: This is probably the most important item to bring to the beach (coming from a strawberry blonde that is..) We all know putting sunscreen on the beach basically sucks.. sticky + sand is not a good combination, but we do it because we know the consequences (skin cancer// thanks!). Coola is an organic sunscreen that contains less alcohol content than regular brands, so if you’re someone who uses self tanner/ gets spray tans that’s a must to preserve your faux glow.

Beach Tote: Gotta have something to carry the necessities.

Hat: I always bring a hat with me to the beach, mostly because I put it over my face to make it darker.. and therefore take that really relaxing sun nap. Plus, it helps if you like to read at the beach.. which brings me to my last item.. don don don.

Technology Wipes: This is probably something really nontraditional to include as a beach necessity, but with today’s world we always have our gadgets on us. I don’t know about you, but after putting sunscreen on I notice my screen gets crazy greasy, and makes it harder to read the screen. Here is the solution!

Of course, there’s other beach necessities to think about: a chair, chap stick with a SPF, a football (yep I’m that girl), headphones/music, cold water to stay hydrated, snacks.. etc.

Do you have any vacations coming up??

xo Amanda

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