This is one of my go-to breakfast choices when I’m rushing to school, and has been since I started last May. My classmates might think it looks gross, but I swear you can’t taste the spinach! If you like chocolate and peanut butter, then heres the shake for you.

1. Add 8oz unsweetened Almond milk 

2. Add 8oz water 

3. Add 1 scoop protein powder. This is what I currently use

4. Optional: Add 1 scoop fibermend. Found here

5. Add 1 scoop peanut butter (this is what you actually taste!)

6. Fill the top with spinach (I usually fill it, blend, then refill it back up to the top)

7. Blend. Serve. Enjoy!

Next week is my spring break and I’m going to be a busy girl: St. Patricks Day downtown in Savannah, Daytona with 11 of my classmates, and my cousins wedding! I will be back to blogging the following week!

Until then,

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