If you don’t have a piece in your wardrobe that makes you this happy, it’s time to shop! Fashion should be fun, and when you’re wearing something that you’re happy in, your confidence and personality are able to really shine through.

For me, that’s anything with extra girlie details. I especially love flowy skirts that I can twirl in. Anytime I wear one, I am smiling ear to ear. So if you’re dressing for an event you’re nervous to attend, or for a first date, make sure to reach for at least one item that truly makes you happy!

twirl-worthy midi skirts

If you missed me unboxing this vintage Chanel bag, you can watch that here! I’m not sure where my recent obsession has come from, but I have been really inspired by the Chanel aesthetic and my recent travels to Europe. I’ve even been drawn to more black options in my wardrobe recently! I’ll be posting travel guides and info throughout the next week so stay tuned 🙂

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