My skincare routine is pretty simple compared to some, but I wanted to share with you the products I’ve been using and loving this year. I like to keep things simple, because I know if I add too many things into the mix they will just expire in my drawers. I have pretty normal skin, although sometimes my nose will get dry if I start slacking on exfoliation/moisturizer. My routine has definitely evolved over the years…At one point it just consisted of makeup wipes if I was lucky.. cringe!


In the morning I’m rushing out the door to class, so I quickly swipe my face (on the exfoliating side of the pad) with this cleansing toner to neutralize and refresh my skin. I was looking for an alcohol free toner because I hated the chemical smell in most toners and I don’t really see how alcohol could be good for the skin. This is the first one I came across and I’ve loved it so much that I just repurchased it again at Whole Foods. I follow up with this moisturizer and apply either this or this (which sadly just ran out) to moisturize my lips. Every once in a while I get fancy and reach for big sample of this vitamin C serum, which instantly brightens up your skin. It’s supposed to help even out skin tone, but I don’t use it regularly enough to notice any changes. Next I apply a sunscreen all over my face, then use this eye cream which also contains sunscreen (although I wish it had more SPF). Both of these products are in this kit that I’m currently working through. I plan to post about it once I use a few more products!


For nighttime, I basically do my skincare routine in the shower after my workout. I cleanse with this face wash, which I’ve been loving because it’s somehow creamy and foamy at the same time. I use my clarisonic 2-3 times per week to exfoliate and my skin feels so much smoother afterward. Once I get out I make sure to remove any leftover eye makeup with this remover, which is gentle on the eyes and doesn’t burn like others I’ve tried. I follow up with the same toner and moisturizer.

Sometimes I keep makeup wipes in my gym bag to freshen up my face after a sweaty workout. I’ve repurchased these wipes again and again, but my favorite kind to use after the gym are ones with a fresh cucumber smell.


And that’s my full skincare routine! Have you tried any of these?


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